I’ve read the Timothy Garton Ash piece () twice. Maybe it’s the heat, but I don’t understand the logic by which the EU27 should break the single market for a third country simply because Britain doesn’t want freedom of movement for people?
A humiliating Brexit deal risks a descent into Weimar Britain | Timothy Garton Ash
The looming danger of Weimar Britain - a vital contribution to debate which argues convincingly that EU needs to be more flexible in #Brexit negotiations | Timothy Garton Ash
Over two years since we voted Leave, and STILL Remainers have nothing positive to say about remaining in the EU. It can’t be that great, otherwise the noisy minority whose fear mongering we must endure daily would have shouted it from the rooftops by now
A good op-ed by : he is right to argue that if the UK crashes out of the EU with no deal, much of public opinion will blame the EU for the chaos, and future EU-UK relations will be cantankerous. Europe's enemies will smile.
I share this author’s worries, but find his conclusions to be another manifestation of the very exceptionalism amongst the UK’s political class that has led us into this crisis. Framing the EU’s want to not disintegrate as a ‘punitive’ act is arrogant.
A humiliating Brexit deal risks a descent into Weimar Britain | Timothy Garton Ash | Opinion | The Guardian
.⁦⁩ on the risks for the EU of an overly rigid stance towards UK. Exaggerated? Perhaps, but after their tweets about the op-ed I wrote with ⁦⁩ and others I advise some old friends and colleagues to read it and think twice.
This piece shows how little the UK still sees the larger picture of Brexit. Even in the Guardian, devastating consequences due to inflexibility at both sides is called "a punitive exit" 1/
Not acceding to unreasonable or impossible or illegal requests is not the same thing as imposing a humiliating divorce deal...I wish the EU could impose a (non-humiliating and mutually beneficial) divorce deal, but it can't impose anything on the UK.
It's a little hyperbolic but I think this article on the failure of the EU 27 to see Brexit as a strategic problem that will shape the future of Europe makes a very important point.
‘A humiliating Brexit deal risks a descent into Weimar Britain’—Timothy Garton Ash
This piece, by ardent Remainer , is notable. Would not be surprised to be reading more complaints about the EU's bureaucratic, inflexible & punitive approach in months to come
To avert the danger of a humiliated, divided, angry “Weimar Britain” will require wisdom from all sides. On the British side, we need 3 things lately in short supply: pragmatic realism, a credible democratic process, & robust civility
Some good points here but overall leaves one feeling, hey Britain, have you considered that perhaps the Continent just isn’t that into you? Isn’t Brussels right to protect Ireland from the mess you seem to be making for it?
Brexity McBrexitface continues its rollercoaster ride to Bizarro world.
. says: "Over the next year or two we COULD WITNESS THE EMERGENCE OF a rancid, angry Britain: a society riven by domestic divisions and economic difficulties, let down by its ruling classes, fetid with humiliation and resentment." Too late, mate!
“A humiliating Brexit deal risks a descent into Weimar Britain” Theresa May as Von Hindenburg? Hmm.. this will be read in the EU as though Britain knows what's best for the EU, while not having a clue what's best for the UK.
This piece shows just how far the gap between the EU and the most pro-remain Brits is. None of the “can’t the EU just...” suggestions were ever on the table as a matter of principle. The UK is screwed.