I often get asked about standard "climate skeptics" arguments. There is a great resource where you easily find scientific answers to most of these myths: Skeptical Science. Have look there first before you ask me!
Make sure you arrive at Thanksgiving dinner armed with the smartphone app so you can debunk Uncle Charlie’s parroted Fox/WSJ denialist talking points in real time
Illuminating that various deniers are desperate to debate me. My research shows public debates about settled science only serve to misinform the public That's why we recommend not debating issues where there's scientific consensus
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Thanks for the interview on ... Sure flushed out a nest of climate change deniers, here and across the globe! As mentioned, here is the site he says is useful rebutt their crazy claims
Any question you have about climate science, always go to -> and check out their "Arguments" list.
John, is also an invaluable resource for these purposes
. ends his opening remarks on how best to respond to various forms of climate change denial with shout out for this website (well worth checking out) #uciclimate
IPCC and follow the references - email the authors if any papers are paywalled. Or get an introductory book on climate change if you are starting out. Skeptical science and carbon brief are also good resources.
Nice shout by to Prof Cook’s website shared w/ 800 people from 35 countries becoming Leaders. Great resource for evidence-based talks on #ClimateChange #LeadOnClimate #ClimateWeekQLD #ClimateSummit
Pollen data shows humans reversed natural global cooling #iceage #climate
Despite almost (if not all) such “questions” having well established, and easily findable, answers in many sources (national science academy reports, science media, NASA, Met Office, etc). And asked in a “scientists haven’t considered this” manner.
Sorry to Android users, we used to support you and hope to have the android app back up in the future. In the meantime, there’s
How climate change deniers maintain doubt about the 97% of climate scientists agreement on climate change- an excerpt of the upcoming book 'Cranky Uncle,' by A/Prof John Cook , creator of
Great. Admitting it to yourself is step one! Doing something about it is step two
Here’s how goofy has become. They say Hurricane Dorian “stalled” because climate change has “weaponized” hurricanes. Don’t have to read too far down to see the word “could”. Probably should read “could or probably could not”
Einige Gegenmittel gegen die Propaganda der Klimawandelleugner. In Deutschland, Klimafakten: Alle Gegenargumente, Skeptical Science: Fachliche Bewertung von Medienberichten, Climate Feedback:
I use as one of the main resources in my classes and workshops on climate literacy.
This site has useful info on climate science.
If at any point, you get a “but the scientists are falsifying the data” or “here’s my esoteric theory about the ozone layer” our friend built a searchable database for exactly that situation. Don’t relent. 10/
There are also a lot of scientist-driven efforts out there, like , , . And 's Global Weirding series is really useful.
Limits: be prepared to say NO. Resources: keep handy Use Skeptical Science often Q&A
Beispiele, wie der menschengemachte Klimawandel von AfD-Abgeordneten bestritten wird, gibt es hier
Perhaps not quite what you are looking for but we have our own data - starting in Jan 2017 - about how often individual rebuttals get viewed, indicating which ones garner the most interest over time. To see the rebuttal, just prefix the code with
2. , by the great John Cook, an evangelical Christian! We don't need to agree on everything to learn from each other.
Seems like takes care of this pretty well. What am I missing?
My bad, I linked to Debunking Handbook when I should’ve linked to Consensus Handbook :-(
In reality, their arguments just suck and are easily debunked on the substance
Congratulations to NCSE's Friend of the Planet Award winner ! #ClimateChange
In 2007, I launched . The approach was simple: debunk misinformation about climate change with peer-reviewed science. My approach was based on the naive notion that all I had to do to successfully debunk misinformation was provide the scientific facts. 5/14