Make sure you arrive at Thanksgiving dinner armed with the smartphone app so you can debunk Uncle Charlie’s parroted Fox/WSJ denialist talking points in real time
Illuminating that various deniers are desperate to debate me. My research shows public debates about settled science only serve to misinform the public That's why we recommend not debating issues where there's scientific consensus
Any question you have about climate science, always go to -> and check out their "Arguments" list.
. ends his opening remarks on how best to respond to various forms of climate change denial with shout out for this website (well worth checking out) #uciclimate
John, is also an invaluable resource for these purposes
Pollen data shows humans reversed natural global cooling #iceage #climate
Great. Admitting it to yourself is step one! Doing something about it is step two
Sorry to Android users, we used to support you and hope to have the android app back up in the future. In the meantime, there’s
My bad, I linked to Debunking Handbook when I should’ve linked to Consensus Handbook :-(
This site has useful info on climate science.
Congratulations to NCSE's Friend of the Planet Award winner ! #ClimateChange
In reality, their arguments just suck and are easily debunked on the substance