When your 11-year-old bestie marries your father as his third wife.
That's it. We are on the front page of NY Times for something we should not be proud of. #HaramkanPerkahwinanKanakKanak #PelajarBukanPengantin
What the actual, Shariah compliant fuck 41 year old Malay man, who has 2 wives and 6 children, "marries" an 11 year old from a destitute family who was employed at his house, and was best friends with his own 14 year old daughter
A 41-year-old Malaysian man’s marriage to an 11-year-old friend of his daughter’s has reignited debate about the persistence of conservative Islamic traditions in the country. By with photos
Outlawing #Malaysian🇲🇾 #ChildMarriage Fails "A girl as young as 9 could be ready for marriage if she had gone through puberty. Their body is akin to being 18. Physically & spiritually, it is not a barrier for the girl to marry." Ayu, his 3rd wife, is 11.
Norazila, 14, and Ayu, 11, were best friends until Norazila discovered that Ayu had secretly become her father’s third wife: (via ) #ChildMarriage in #Malaysia must end. #childrights
Malaysian child rights activists said that about 15,000 girls under 15 were in child marriages in 2010
"Ayu’s marriage has reignited debate." A social media campaign is taking Malaysia 🇲🇾 by storm as people call 📣 for #endchildmarriage #SchoolNotSpouse #PelajarBukanPengantin
Woah. This story from about child brides, as young as 11, in Malaysia. "In Islamic procedure, as long as a bride agrees, her parents agree and the girl has had her menstrual period, then a marriage is O.K,” says one imam
SHOCKING SHARIA: Malaysian father Abdul Karim marries his daughter's 11-year-old friend as his 3rd wife. "My best friend is my step-mother now ... It doesn't make sense," complains the 14-year-old daughter who already had a step-mother.
11 and Married: #Malaysia Spars Over Child Brides. That so many believe that pedophilia is a correct path is just so sickening.
“Child marriage” - which we should call what it is: child rape - should be a crime. #Malaysia
11 and Married: Malaysia Spars Over Child Brides dude reads like a major league sociopath
11 and Married: Malaysia Spars Over Child Brides. “Malaysian child rights activists said that about 15,000 girls under 15 were in child marriages.” Disturbing piece by
11 and Married: Malaysia Spars Over an Age-Old Practice