Barbara made a BIG impression on when she was photographed last year for "The Gratitude Project"
To Margaret from Canada "Thank you for all the laughs we have had" #gratitudeproject cc
To Elsa from Portugal "Thank you for being so brilliantly organised" #gratitudeproject cc
To Ian from the US and France "Thank you for making a life here with me" #gratitudeproject cc
To Elisa from Italy "Thanks for the excellent tiramisu!" #gratitudeproject cc
To Mahdy from Iran "Smile-spreader, sweet-seller, samosa-maker!" #gratitudeproject cc #waltonmanor
To Cheryl from St Vincent and the Grenadines "Thank you! Thank you!" #gratitudeproject cc
To Anas from Syria "You're the best! Thanks so much for all your help." #gratitudeproject cc
To Altaf from Kashmir "Thank you for listening to our residents" #gratitudeproject cc
To Tiago from Portugal "I am so grateful you are by my side" #gratitude project cc
To Ildiko from Hungary "I am very grateful for your care" #gratitudeproject cc @1cheerfulman
At times like these, I find myself reminded of 's inspiring "The Gratitude Project".