Great reminder by on how women can successfully transact business with friends. I am indebted to and for such support!
Important insights by in While women have deep friendships, cultural expectations limit us from "asking" one another to advance our careers. Advice? Say to your friends, “Tell me two concrete things I can do to help you.”
Reach out to your friends & find out how you can help them professionally. Find out below how our hesitancy to do this is holding us back via by #WomenInBusiness #WomenSupportingWomen
How friendship holds women back in their careers—and what they can do about it (a # of awesome women in my life may appreciate this... & more!) via
Few weeks late on this one but great insights on how women can be more than friends, and need to do so to help each other succeed.
Here's the article, if you're curious: ht to
Women do not need to be more like men. But women CAN take the depth of emotion, closeness, and personal bonds that underpin traditional female friendship and channel them into the transactionality that drives business success.