#GDPR in a nutshell: everything you need to understand about the General Data Protection Regulation, extract from our report #Blockchain and The GDPR. Read the full report on .
The report on #Blockchain #Innovation in Europe from the (EU Blockchain Observatory & Forum) is now public! Happy to have contributed together with members: etc. Download free:
Brazilian Banks to Implement New HyperLedger-Powered Digital ID Platform: To understand why, see our report, #Blockchain and Digital #Identity:
You want to learn more about the discussions from our #eIdentity workshop? The workshop minutes are now publicly available on:
What are EU's strengths & weaknesses in #blockchain? And what's the state of blockchain #innovation in Europe? Find answers & analysis in the new report by #EUBlockchain Observatory & Forum
With #blockchain, administrators can develop complex permissioning schemes to control who accesses what information & what can be shared by whom, among large groups, without relying on 1 single authority. More in our report, Blockchain in Gov't Services
#New report on "Scalability, Interoperability, and Sustainability of #Blockchains" examines the challenges our community will need to solve to create #global blockchain networks. Written by:
#Blockchain innovation in Europe, report now available cc:
#Brussels: #EU #Blockchain Observatory & Forum releases report on ‘Scalability, Interoperability & Sustainability of Blockchains’ 👏 Tom Lyons Jean-Luc Verhelst & contributors cc: reading for &