China’s growing efforts to woo its vast diaspora reflect a worrying trend that has seen China increasingly blurring the distinction between huaqiao (Chinese citizens overseas) and huaren (ethnic Chinese of all nationalities). My latest from Singapore
1/ This by reminds me of my trip to Hainan Island in 2014 to visit my father’s ancestral village. My dad was born and raised in Shanghai, but is actually Hainanese, whereas my brother and I are born-and-bred Singaporeans.
Important story by ⁦⁩ on Beijing’s efforts to woo ethnic Chinese in Singapore.
In Singapore, fears rise that Chinese influence may be taking on a subtler form: sentimental appeals to "flesh and blood"
Beijing appeals to people of Chinese descent in other countries, notably Singapore, to forge stronger ties to the People’s Republic of China. By
When Wang Gungwu is worried and annoyed with Beijing’s United Front works, all of us should be “When you start reaching out to people on the basis of race and blood, it becomes unacceptable”
A U.S. diplomat told me he's always pleasantly surprised to find how skeptical SG is towards China despite cultural ties. Bilahari laying that bare here “It’s a very small step in my mind from cultural affinity for China to the idea of Chinese superiority."
Great article from on Chinese political influence and the United Front Work Department in Singapore
China's "soft" power aims at the diaspora. in Singapore, where worries are growing over what kind of influence China intends to wield, and to what end.
“A more generous reading is that these are people-to-people exchanges,” said Ian Chong, an assoc. prof. of political science @ the National University of Singapore, “& a more skeptical reading is that it’s an effort by China to exert soft-power influence.”