I’m thrilled and honoured to write for again. This time I wrote about my sister, Ozzy, Ice T, Oprah, Satan, moral panics, and more!
From the archives: Moral Panic, Then and Now |
"Witch hunts do “succeed” in the narrow sense that they can ruin lives. But they don’t change anyone’s privately held opinions."
"Those who dole out justice move on to other things and their memories fade, while the effects of that justice linger in those they have judged and sentenced."
"The world that people inhabit in 2018 is at once hyper-explicit and puritanical. In one browser tab, we’re typing about how words are violence, while in the other tab, we’re engaging in malicious gossip that could ruin someone’s career."
Moral Panic, Then and Now |
This is very good — compares the hysteria on US campuses regarding rape culture and safe spaces with the moral panic about satanic child abuse in the 1980s, except led by the left rather than the right.
What "safe spaces" zealots on left have in common w/the Christian zealots on the right whom they sneer at: And, yes: "Young people today seem more naturally censorious and culturally conservative than their parents."