Congrats to who was just named a new fellow of the AGU!
Andrew Fisher, Adina Paytan and Eli Silver were elected as AGU Fellows for 2018. They will be honored at the meeting in December 2018.
Congratulations to my friend Gavin Schmidt (aka ) on being elected Fellow of
Congratulations to the 2018 class of AGU Fellows!
Congratulations to Benjamin Horton who has been elected a Fellow of the American Geophysical Union
Congrats to climate scientists Sidney Hemming, Richard Seager, and on being named AGU Fellows!
New AGU fellows announced, including Director !
Congratulations to all the new Fellows, especially Andrew Cohen , , Marilyn Fogel, Adina Paytan, Sidney Hemming, Tom Delworth, Kerry Emanuel, Cin-Ty Lee, Ben Horton, Jess Adkins, and Richard Seager!
The 2018 class of AGU Fellows will be honored at #AGU18 Via
Congratulations to Trevor McDougall - selected to the 2018 class of Fellows! #oceansciences #UNSW
Congratulations to Lee Slater and to Ben Horton , recently and now chair Asian School of the Environment, on being named as fellows
Some good news for a change! Congrats to all! 2018 Class of AGU Fellows Announced
I am excited to see so many of the people I admire being recognized for their work. And impressed by the new Fellows from #CIRES. Congraultations! 2018 Class of AGU Fellows Announced
Congratulations to on being elected an AGU Fellow this year!
2018 crop of new AGU Fellows announced
Great to see the great geodesy work of Don Argus and Mark Simons recognised. 2018 Class of AGU Fellows Announced