Stackelberg #gametheory for improving treatment of metastatic cancers in our just published paper in JAMA #oncology !
Interesting concepts for fighting cancer! ⁦⁩ ⁦
This is a very interesting review of game theory in cancer treatment: there is no empirical evidence for this approach yet - but we as clinicians should keep this in mind for future trials, by
well it is being developed, also inspired by resistance management plans in pest control. is an expert on that, we also talk about it in this paper
Treating cancer isn’t a game...or is it? Optimizing Cancer Treatment Using Game Theory
.: See for the JAMA Oncology article on cancer therapy as a leader-follower game #CancerEvoEco19
has written a few recent provocative articles that are helping us frame our thinking about these treatment-games #cancerevoeco19
I love this paper. It resonates with my thought process. Oncologists should start to approach #cancer therapy in this way, to more effectively “beat” the cancer
Bob highlights his recent paper with & in on a general theory for cancer treatment as a Stackelberg game #SACB2018
Optimizing #Cancer Treatment Using Game Theory
Optimizing Cancer Treatment Using Game Theory: "precision medicine should incorporate the cancer therapy game to anticipate & steer patient-specific & treatment-specific evolutionary dynamics that govern the emergence & success of resistant populations "