David Forsyth, Alexei Efros, and I on the harms of the academic “dual affiliation” model recently proposed by Facebook.
Great post on "co-employment" Even better than giving small amounts of money to faculty would be to give large gifts to institutions to retain faculty by relieving them of the need to constantly write grant proposals to government (and companies)
Preach on, brothers!
Some good warnings here re academics in companies. “You Cannot Serve Two Masters: The Harms of Dual Affiliation”
FB’s chief scientist says that #SiliconValley needs to work more closely with #Academia to build the future of #AI, while argues that you "cannot serve two masters"... what do you think? vs.
Great article et al! I agree the 80%/20% split is problematic. When I left MILA for Google Research I was a consenting adult; it was a choice not a "raid." Don't grants, teaching load and hiring limits also curtail "curiosity driven research?"