Mail now writing up the Johnson story, that makes it serious. We have all said Boris is now the only man who can beat Boris
Our cowardly media use “Asian” as the euphemism for “Muslim”, in this regard they collude to obscure the awful truth. Shame on them.
Utter chaos in the UK as the Brexit minister Davis resigns. Political chaos threatens already very tight timetable to sort out EU relations.
Well I was not convinced, but more importantly politically neither was the Daily Mail
The main thing is to keep calm and carry on, and look to responsible reporting - oh.
This is Daily Mail's way of reporting terrorist attack on Finsbury Park Mosque
Prince Philip and the CIA, obviously
Just very very occasionally I do love the Daily Mail whatever its motives may be Wonder how he'll get out of this?
When I read articles like this about knife crime in London, said to be related to secret gangs, I wonder if the Mayor of London and the head of the Metropolitan Police are involved with an organisation that seems to have secretive aspects - COMMON PURPOSE.
When guns are outlawed, bad guys will use … belts.