We Can’t Ignore This Brutal Cleansing in China #Uyghurs
China is carrying ut extraordinary crimes aganist its Muslim population, imprisoning up to 1 million in concentration camps. A Washpost editorial says its time for the rest of the world to take notice--and respond
Uighur's plight is the subject of today's lead editorial in the Washington Post--with additional chilling revelations.
我们不能漠视中国的这种野蛮(民族)清洗—《华盛顿邮报》又一重磅文章 We can’t ignore this brutal cleansing in China
Massive crimes are taking place in western China. A WaPo editorial. ⁦
Powerful editorial from WaPo. Again, why #UN #humanrights mechanisms matter: "For the first time, senior Chinese officials were forced to publicly respond . . . in an international forum." And WaPo uses the right descriptor: ethnic cleansing. #Xinjiang
The one million Uighur Muslims that China is trying to ideologically cleanse through massive detention in "reeducation" centers exceeds the 700,000 Rohingya Muslims that Myanmar ethnically cleansed a year ago. Where's the global outrage?
We can’t ignore this brutal cleansing in China - The Washington Post
Opinion | We can’t ignore this brutal cleansing in China
This is China's "largest and most brutal repression the regime has undertaken since the Cultural Revolution. It rivals the ethnic cleansing Myanmar has conducted against the Muslim Rohingya minority, which has received far more attention"