This is a brilliant response to yesterday's fake news about Low Carbs #LCHF shortening your life. More holes in this "research" than a slice of cartoon cheese! Please read this
About that new epidemi-illogical "study" claiming low-carb diets shorten lives... Thank you Angela Stanton PhD for driving your truck through some of the enormous holes in this beauty
Because so many people are asking me about the new research that was published today in The Lancet by some really biased scientists, instead of explaining what's wrong in the study one by one to each...
Additional information is added. Please read and share. It is going viral & people will see the bad poof.
When Bad Science Can Harm You | Clueless Doctors fail to keep up with the latest science.
This study is full of errors. Read my summary on some (not even all) of the errors: Ignore the article. I have a Medscape healthcare account. I will make my comment
Very badly designed nutrition research in The Lancet today--what you need to know about this paper.
When Bad Science Can Harm You
Oh my. It’s worse than I thought...
Excellent piece taking apart the bad science of an article that made headlines stating low carb diets are associated with earlier death
But see different interpretations of the study in this commentary And in this comment
A brilliant article that has answered all my questions about this research . So the lancet know what trash they have allowed to be published ?