Are U.S. and Chinese National Interests Incompatible? in Views evenly divided across spectrum; only 3 disagree! My take: beliefs are self-reinforcing
Foreign Affairs asks the experts: Are U.S. and Chinese interests incompatible?
Are U.S. and Chinese national interests incompatible? NCUSCR Director Evan Medeiros and PIP fellows , , , , and Yun Sun weigh in via . #PIPfellow
My response to current survey: “In Asia, where the strategic competition is most consequential and immediate, U.S. and Chinese aspirations are irreconcilable, despite shared interests on international economic and transnational issues.”
Recognizing I'm late to this, I still think it's worth flagging, in part to puncture the narrative of an emerging "bipartisan consensus" on China. There is a healthy, active, ongoing debate about how best to respond to China's rise. via
Fascinating agree-or-disagree feature from that I'd missed last month. Cuts to the chase. Featuring a wide & diverse range of experts from academia, journalism, govt answering the big q: Are U.S. and Chinese National Interests Incompatible?