Income inequality, not gender inequality, predicted women's posting sexy sefies on social media. Effects held in US and cross-nationally. and colleagues argue women are competing for the few men who possess a disproportionate share of wealth.
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Is female sexualization a form of gender oppression or a product of female competition? New research suggests it's the latter. HT
More hate facts: "5,567 US cities and 1,622 US counties, areas with relatively more sexy selfies were more economically unequal but not more gender oppressive."
What explains female sexualization (e.g. “sexy selfies”)? H1: Income inequality (competition between women) H2: Gender inequality (subordination of women by men) Results: Support for H1, not H2. Conclusion: Women are competing for access to resources.
Impressive new paper by finding "sexualization may be a marker of social climbing among women that track the degree of status competition in the local environment."
Income inequality not gender inequality positively covaries with female sexualization on social media
Is the sexualization of women the result of economic inequality, and not improved by progress on gender equality after all?
As men on average earn less, there’s more competition for the higher income males, according to scientists.
"Sexualization manifests in response to economic conditions but does not covary with female subordination" #femaleintrasexualcompetition
"Income inequality, but not gender inequality, positively covaried with sexy-selfie prevalence" hmmm
Are #sexy #selfies a consequence of gender inequity or of female competition under income inequality? Today in , analysed and to find out ....