Tidy compilation of criticism by thought leaders in low-carb nutrition to that new Harvard "Low-carb diets will kill you" study. Read what Dr. David Unwin, and others have to say in this new article by journalist
What thinks of the study showing that low-carb diets will kill you: 'epidemi-illogical'!
on why low-carb diets DO NOT shorten lifespan - and why anyone who tells you to eat everything moderately is either 'ignorant or paid by the food industry'. 'Seek their conflicts and you'll find them!'
The REAL danger of study that claims to show low-carb diets are threatening? Some easily influenced MDs will withhold recommending low-carb diets - that 'often are a cure' - to diabetics.
Has the author even read any of the many critiques of the study in purporting to show that low-carb diets are dangerous? Here's one
Low-carb diets will shorten your life? Fat chance!
Low-carb diets will shorten your life? Fat chance! via