And no matter how *this* fight ends, the fight continues. There's a midterm election coming up that could determine what happens to another SCOTUS seat, or two, or three. (Or none, let's hope.) Sign up to canvass for Dems at
1. Defend the Mueller investigation: 2. No lifetime Supreme Court pick: 3. End GOP control of Congress: None of this nightmare ride ends unless we organize, electoralize, & persist.
If you’re looking for a way to turn the agony and anxiety of this week into productive action for change, go knock on doors for candidates. This weekend, in more than 90 places, MoveOn members will gather for canvassing “waves”—and you’re invited.
To do: + Make sure you're registered: + Talk to voters this weekend: + Volunteer the last weekend: + Send texts to voters: + Order a Blue Wave sticker:
. reports 1200 canvassers today helping defeat in #ca48, w/1300 more expected tmrw. From Palm Beach Gardens FL to Woodstock IL & beyond, volunteers are out in force this final weekend. KEEP GOING Sunday: #ResistAndWin
This. #BelieveWomen November is HERE. #ResistAndWin