Great piece laying out the political challenges and options for single-payer from . He was a great critical voice during the passage of the ACA and remains one as another health-care push is on the horizon
Excellent piece on two major political challenges to single payer, and how supporters of universal health care can work to overcome them. This point about how, in the short-term, *all* workers probably won't be better off seems under-discussed
Two key issues that single-payer advocates need to work out -- smart, important article from
A good read by on two big political challenges for the single-payer health care movement: taxes and provider rates
There’s a dumb fight between lib leftists who favor universal health insurance and ultra leftists who support only single payer. It’s dumb because it’s mostly about affect—“utopian fools” vs. “timid sellouts.” But does either side disagree with this post?
“They oppose single-payer because they love how bad private insurers are at negotiating lower prices... The amount we overpay for health care in this country could effectively fully fund a welfare state on par with most of Europe.” ^