Such a moving essay. Despite calling itself a socialist country, China has among the world’s biggest gap in income, access to education and healthcare. Hundreds of millions of Chinese face similarly helpless situations as the author’s family.
This is devastating. The Bitter Regrets of a Useless Chinese Daughter via
This is a v powerful op-ed that captures so much of the anxiety in China.
"Why do [Chinese] have so few options for good medical treatment, such limited education resources, such narrow career paths? Why do we need to be rich or have guanxi merely to enjoy access to very basic public services?"
A beautiful essay on the personal toll China’s aging society takes on individuals.
A moving and powerful indictment of corruption in China (although it’s not framed that way).
The Bitter Regrets of a Useless Chinese Daughter very powerful story of the need for personal connections to help family in China
The Other Side of the Coin. #CrazyRichAsians