UPDATE: hospital says it will accept $782.29 from this Texas teacher to resolve his $109K #balancebill. Patient says he doesn’t owe anything since insurance already paid the hospital $56K #BilloftheMonth
The six-figure surprise bill because his heart attack didn't happen "in-network." For those of you abroad, yes this really happens here.
This is US health care, 2018: Hospital Sends a Debt Collector After You for $109K Even With Great Insurance #BilloftheMonth
Today, hospital said it was reducing $108,000 out-of-pocket bill to $782?! ' . Having a journalist's expose settle a bill is not triumph, it's a symptom of a very broken system, as in my book #AnAmericanSickness
Texas hospital reduces an insured man's heart attack bill by 99.3% after publication of a Kaiser Health News article. Wonder how many similar cases are floating around out there without media attention.
Do you have an exorbitant or baffling medical bill like this? Tell us and about your experience. This is an ongoing series and we feature a new story each month #billofthemonth #patients
1) Teacher has heart attack and goes to ER. 2) Hospital bills him $109K above insurance. 3) Guy balks and bill gets sent to collections. 4) Story goes on & . 5) Hospital decides it “only” needs $782.29. Predatory & ridiculous.
'They’re going to give me another heart attack stressing over this bill,' said Drew Calver, a history teacher and father of two #BilloftheMonth
This 44 year-old teacher and Ironman triathlete had a heart attack (somehow) and had to spend four nights in the hospital. Despite being insured by Aetna he came out owing *checks story again* $108,951.31
Drew's heart attack Didn't quite kill him. Until the ER Decided to bill him. But St. David's changed its tune After they heard from When suprise medical bills Give you the blues Be sure to call Kaiser Health News. #HealthPolicyValentines
A man with health insurance survives a heart attack. Despite being told his insurance would cover the costs, he's left with bills for over $100,000. Stories like this are not uncommon. We need #MedicareForAll more urgently than ever.
What should you do when you get a surprise bill? Tune into tomorrow as editor-in-chief explains the KHNews/ #BilloftheMonth case of the $100,000 heart attack and American health care.
A Texas hospital owned by HCA treats a 44-year-old insured teacher who suffered a heart attack, and then shocks him with a $109,000 bill.
This patient's surgeon called him to express shock and regret at his #hospital billing nightmare. What role should #doctors play when #surprisebills hit consumers? #BilloftheMonth
Yowza. State-mandated protections against surprise bills don’t apply to people "who get their health coverage from employers that are self-insured, meaning the companies or public employers pay claims out of their own funds." What a huge loophole.
The hospital's response in 's balance billing piece really captures the idea of using list prices as a threat to insurers -- Either you include my hospital in network, or look what happens to your patient when "we [do] everything right."
Hospital unleashes a surprise bill on patient for $108,000 for 4 days of care for a heart attack. After reports on the case, the hospital says it will accept just $782 to resolve the balance.
The hospital told Drew Calver it would take his insurance. But after his emergency heart treatment, it billed him more than $100,000. Another wild / bill-of-the-month, this time from
Talk about markups! A Texas hospital paid $1,500 for a stent, but charged a high school teacher $20,000. Stellar work by #BilloftheMonth.
Great story by tells of hospital that balance-billed teacher $109K after his heart attack--a 500% markup: . #OverchargedBook explains why government is to blame for the #BalanceBilling scam: .
This is horrifying: Young dad has a heart attack, gets surprise billed AND balance billed, ends up owing $109,000
Cool - this hospital marks up stents 1600% for out-of-network patients via
The greed of these HCA executives is just staggering. Great reporting by A Jolt To The Jugular! You’re Insured But Still Owe $109K For Your Heart Attack via
Drew Calver speaking at Trump's "Surprise Bill" event. Here's his story, part of the - "Bill of the Month" series
His heart was broken The bills were fat He contacted KHN’s #BilloftheMonth And we fixed that We love our readers and listeners! Send us your bills. via #HealthPolicyValentines #ValentinesDay
"I thought I was going to die." Insured, but billed $109K for heart attack -- and state law can't help because employer self-insured, as are most. Excellent story by , as #billofthemonth
Outrageous. hospital hounds heart attack patient for $100k out-of-network bill. "This is a well known problematic provider "
A Jolt To The Jugular! You’re Insured But Still Owe $109K For Your Heart Attack via
These practices harm patients and raise costs for everyone. This is why is entering this space. via
Thanks to Drew and Erin Calver for letting me tell their story. It struck a nerve with people online, on the radio and TV — and many of you shared your own stories about #surprisebills and soaring medical costs #billofthemonth
After broke the story that a teacher was left with a mammoth bill of $108,951 for a four-day stay, the hospital reduced the bill to $782.29 as he qualified for a "financial assistance discount". This is why #journalism is vital.
A Jolt To The Jugular! You’re Insured But Still Owe $109K For Your Heart Attack
A high school teacher has health insurance, but after his heat attack he still gets a bill for $109,000 for his share of the cost!
It's the first day of school, and this story shows that teachers can't afford to be sick: After Drew Calver's heart attack, his insurance paid $56,000. The hospital wants $109K more — nearly twice his annual pay as a teacher.
Among things I learned from this piece, in addition to reminder of ambush, predatory billing by hospitals, is that there is an ERISA exception for self-insured plans to state laws protecting against this kind of thing. Time to act Congress.
Why hospital charges matter. This high school history teacher was charged 4x the expected amount for his heart attack -- and was billed $109,000 that his insurance didn't pay.
We at did a story with and which prompted Congress to propose a bipartisan bill to protect patients from this abusive practice
Annals of U.S. Health Care: This Texas Teacher Had a Heart Attack. He Had Health Insurance. He Still Owes $108,951, by via
Drew Calver, a high school teacher from #Austin thought he was dying when he had a heart attack. Then he got the bill: $109K because he dared go out of network. “They’re going to give me another heart attack stressing over this bill.”
America’s broken #healthcare. Binaytara Foundation’ #SCHD19 will have discussions about improving access to healthcare in the United States and globally. Join us here...
Surprise: It's a $109K Bill!
A Jolt To The Jugular! You’re Insured But Still Owe $109K For Your Heart Attack
A Jolt To The Jugular! You’re Insured But Still Owe $109K For Your Heart Attack via
This is so screwed up: "You’re Insured But Still Owe $109K For Your Heart Attack" via