In an op-ed, Rod Rosenstein throws cold water on San Francisco's plan to open a safe injection site.
Dangerous op-ed by Deputy AG Rosenstein calls for bigger and badder war on drugs. Opposes safe injection sites, which are much more effective at helping people with addiction than Rosenstein’s solution of more prisons and longer sentences. #EndWarOnDrugs
No surprise that op-ed full of stigma & misinformation would also use language like “abuse” & “addict.” Apparently Mr. Rosenstein’s solution to the public health crisis of #overdose is to shame, stigmatize, incarcerate people, & double down on #WarOnDrugs
Quite a shame that printed this opinion piece which ignores the *evidence* supporting drug overdose prevention, offering instead outdated, ineffective "war on drugs" platitudes. Let's go through some evidence. #OpioidEpidemic
The notion that supervised injection sites make injection of illicit drugs “normal” is far-fetched. At some point you have to decide if preventing death is worthwhile, or not. We’ll keep a place open for Mr. Rosenstein at the table, for when he shows up.
Here's the US Deputy Attorney General showing why some things should be left to the experts. You don't want Rod Rosenstein making public health decisions any more than you want him performing your colonoscopy.
If you thought you liked Rod Rosenstein because he stood up for the Mueller investigation, read this baseless takedown of harm reduction he wrote for & disabuse yourself of that fondness.
Misguided, stigmatising op-ed from deputy AG in the US against supervised injection sites. No evidence to back-up position pushing drug crackdown over #harmreduction His approach means more ppl will die #opioidcrisis
Staggering & dangerous ignorance on display here from US deputy Attorney General Rod #Rosenstein He utterly fails to show even a basic understanding of history, public health, or #harmreduction. A lot more people will die as a result.
More law enforcement for People Who Use Drugs will not solve the #opioidcrisis and safe injection facilities and #harmreduction save lives - - enact evidence-based not ideologically driven #drug policies, see paper by :
One has to root for Dep AG #RodRosenstein as he deals with attacks by but why did he have to write such an incredibly stupid, evidence-free attack on #supervisedinjection facilities?!! #harmreduction #overdose
“On obvious problem with injection sites is that they are illegal.” That, Rod Rosenstein, *is* the problem.
Rod Rosenstein gets many of the facts wrong on safe comsumption sites. Apparently evidence at DOJ isn't that important. "Fight Drug Abuse, Don’t Subsidize It"
There are studies on safe injection sites. Why not discuss them instead of just appealing to arm-chair theorizing and anecdotes?
Fight Drug Abuse, Don’t Subsidize It
Fight Drug Abuse, Don’t Subsidize It