Check out my article in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists! Bioterrorism: Fear accidents more than attacks - via
Thoughts of a bioweapon terrorist attack are rightly concerning, but the more likely danger comes from unintended exposure during their attempted creation.
nice piece, with good takeaway: "terrorists are more likely to cause a local epidemic by accident than to succeed in launching a sophisticated biological attack" so need to invest in public health
*This, by , is perceptive and entirely consistent with my knowledge and experience. Doing good with biology is hard enough; nefarious activity is even harder because you have to do it without help and keep it quiet. #biosecurity #bioterrorism
"In 2009...the 1st deadly sign that terrorists pursuing biological weapons are more likely to unleash a local outbreak than a biological attack...Al Qaeda jihadis in an Algeria-based cell, who may have been experimenting w/ bioweapons, all died of plague."