Blatant dehumanization exists, explicit prejudice exists. It's not hard to find in psychological surveys. Trump is tapping into something dark and present in our society, and the consequences are scary. This research is on my mind. Consider it.
Vox features the psychology of dehumanization, including analysis by Bruneau, Haslam, Fiske, Waytz, and I.
I have been doing some work on Othering and it’s consequences, . This article explains it so well and is an important read for all in these current times.
These are extreme but the average for Muslims on these dehumanization scales is significantly lower than other groups even among the general public.
Major coverage of hugely important work from : The dark psychology of dehumanization. via
Great coverage of 's frightening, vital research on dehumanization, by .
Excellent analysis from on incredibly important research on breaking the cycle of dehumanisation.
The dark psychology of dehumanization, explained
The dark psychology of dehumanization, explained via