Police have identified suspects in the UK chemical attack as Russian agents. To recap: Russia orders a hit abroad, kills the wrong person, angers the UK public, looses about 150 diplomats worldwide AND exposes its agents. They REALLY bungled this one.
Scotland Yard statement naming the two Russian suspects in the #Novichok nerve agent poisoning
BREAKING: UK identifies Russian Novichok assassins
Since becoming Home Secretary I've never been more proud of our world class police and security services. Today's update on the #Salisbury investigation is the culmination of months of hard work.
Extraordinary statement by Metropolitan police + images of #Petrov and #Boshirov in London and Salisbury and a detailed timeline of their movements
Lots of details in this police statement on the Salisbury/Amesbury inquiry
Striking amount of detail in Met statement on Salisbury attack
More details from - suspects arrived 2 March at Gatwick; next day travelled to Salisbury; returned to Moscow via Heathrow on 4 March, the day Skripal was found poisoned. Police say: "CCTV shows them in the vicinity of Mr Skripal’s house."
CCTV-beelden van de verdachten in de zaak-Skipal, zoals vrijgegeven door de Britse politie. Opgenomen op Londen-Gatwick, in Salisbury, en op Londen-Heathrow. Hogere resolutie, zie onderaan deze pagina:
Police are circulating pictures of these two Russian men, believed to be assassins traveling under alias, who were captured on CCTV making their way from Moscow to Salisbury and back.
Dawn Sturgess' partner Charlie found "a box he thought contained perfume in a charity bin", he tried to put bottle and applicator together at home, Dawn "applied some of the substance on her wrists before feeling unwell"
Counter-terrorism police release images of two suspects in... - Metropolitan Police I understand the 2 Russia nationals are Military Intelligence Officers & the Novichok was transported from Russia
Scotland Yard on Petrov and Boshirov: "It is likely that they were travelling under aliases and that these are not their real names. We would like to hear from anyone who knows them.”
Salisbury case (mugshots!)
Britische Polizei hat zwei Tatverdächtige im Fall der Vergiftung der Skripals ermittelt. Mehr Informationen und Fotos: | #Salisbury #UK #Skripal #Novichok #Russia