EXCL: I've been leaked a personal minute from Boris Johnson to cabinet ministers in which he says wants to turn the public site into a platform for "targeted and personalised" data to be gathered in the run-up to Brexit.
letters appeared on late last night: 1. Brexit Sec Barclay says “insufficient time to complete work” to plan no deal mitigations if left till last days of October 2. Asks for Commission to allow bilateral (eg UK-Fr etc) prep 3. Barnier says No - pass WA
We have contacted Government regarding the collection of personal data on in order to fully understand its approach to compliance with data protection law and whether any further action is necessary.
Reasonable adjustments for people with a learning disability - a range of reasonable adjustment guidances developed by Public Health England. Including dysphasia, constipation and annual health checks. Plus many more.
Mental Health of Children and Young People in England 2017 [PAS] - Official statistics announcement - First #camhs prevalence survey since 2004 out today. I'll be discussing this on ⁦⁩ today10.45 ⁦
Great that ⁦⁩ plans simple online scheme to register EU nationals so they can stay here. Good luck Saj: for months I’ve tried to register my identity with to access services & attached is just one of many fails. & I have UK passport.
Almost every EU govt site (inc ) as well as sensitive public health pages on NHS & others (HIV, abortion, mental health sites) have dozens of ad trackers on them that haven’t been disclosed to users. My story here -
The "Climate Change Explained" page has been updated for the first time in a few years. A short but hopefully useful intro to the science .
News story announced on Health minister: NHS must lead the world in genomic healthcare
£2 million investment to help NHS achieve zero inpatient suicide ambition - . Very proud to have launched ⁦⁩ and socialised the conversation ‘about zero’ with ⁦⁩ & ⁦
Want to ensure Dominic Cummings and Boris Johnson don’t steal your data for their own use? Follow this link and switch the options OFF Pls RT
Statement from DVLA, “In our attempt to clarify the advice for drivers with autism spectrum disorders we’ve clearly muddied the waters and we’re very sorry for that. We have amended the advice on for both drivers and medical professionals which
If you’ve changed address, or you’re off to university soon, or you’ve forgotten where you’re registered, FIND OUT HOW TO VOTE 🗳 Register to vote -
We are grateful to the for giving our briefing on the Salisbury incident from the British Ambassador to Moscow more prominence. Read the full account, publicly available on , here
Please make sure you and everyone else eligible can vote in EU elections on May 23. EU Nationals must send an additional form. Details here. Please RT. Types of election, referendums, and who can vote: European Parliament -
👏hats off to the civil servant that produced this 'Climate change explained' page - one of the best plain English explanations I've seen in years. Highly recommended for friends, colleagues etc. that want a quick explanation.
I've been thinking on this and I really really like this explainer on #climatechange. Really well written on where the evidence base is. If someone asks me for a primer on the science this is where I'll send them (ht )
⁩ is hiring... a deputy director for data policy and 35 other roles... come and join a fantastic team. All jobs advertised on civil service jobs Deputy Director – Data Policy - Civil Service Jobs -
We're delighted to have supported the work of the Open Research Data Task Force over the last 18 months - final report published today on
You’ve got today and tomorrow left to register to vote. Don’t delay! Register to vote -
In case you missed it ! Chief Social Worker for Adults' annual report: 2017 to 2018 -
Access 32,000 #UKAid Research and Evidence papers– 'Research for Development' on , mobile friendly 👉🏽 🔍📈📊🔬💡
Govt spox tells me this is normal and legal, the data is anonymised, and it’s only about improving the efficiency of . OK, so why is it being done now with haste, and through the no-deal XO committee? They had no answer for that.
Govt departments have been told to urgently share data they collect about usage with the Cabinet Office's GDS unit. In an email, Dominic Cummings told senior officials this was "TOP PRIORITY".
Leaked docs show the plan is to add extra tracking to users so the Cabinet Office can "have data for the entire journey of a user", from point of entry "through the service journey to completion". At present, analytics are collected by individual depts.
Today is YOUR LAST DAY to register to vote in the European Elections (on 23 May). Do it now. Not voting doesn’t teach politicians anything. Voting does. Tell them again. Register to vote -
If you want to vote I the election you only have until 11.59 tonight to register: Please, please do! › register-to-vote
Travelling to Europe after 29 March? You may need to renew your passport earlier than planned. Check your passport is still valid for travel at
UK, Norway and Iceland sign trade continuity agreement  -
Very happy to report that the list of nine protected characteristics on now correctly lists #sexnotgender having flagged up their error last week
We've launched an 8-week consultation on a new duty to support a 'public health' approach to preventing serious violence. Find out more and get involved on #KnifeFree #SeriousViolenceSummit
I'm leaving GDS after ~4 years. Working on and the Design System I've learnt how to build accessible services from some amazing people. I'm looking for a Senior Frontend Developer role somewhere that puts people first. DMs open, Retweets appreciated 💌
Legal Opinion on Joint Instrument and Unilateral Declaration concerning the Withdrawal Agreement -
Joint statement on the disappearance of Jamal #Khashoggi by Foreign Ministers from the #UK, #France and #Germany -
The rejected petition list on is a hoot. It's basically a nationwide suggestion box (which I now plan to read through any time I need cheering up, thanks ):
Always good to see keeping up with the changes. Always good to see diversity (Brokenshire is not wearing a tie)
We are looking for 20 LAs to work with us on our new programme: £84 million. Strengthening families, protecting children (SFPC) programme -
🚨Students! If you moved house in September/ October, register to vote at your new address as well as your home town! Then you have control over where to vote. #GE2019 #generalelection2019 Register to vote -
£10 million research competition launched to tackle antimicrobial resistance -
“Elephants are one of the world’s most iconic animals and we must do all we can to protect them for future generations” #MichaelGove on the rapid introduction to Parliament today of one of the toughest ivory bans #StopWildlifeCrime:
Travelling to Europe after 29 March? You may need to take extra steps before you travel. Check what you need to do at #PrepareforEUExit
Are you a member of the #WindrushGeneration? The consultation on the design of the compensation scheme has been extended until 16 November. Share your views on
“We have checked with DVLA. They tell us that the online guidance was wrong previously. The DVLA’s policy says that autistic people should notify them. We are questioning the justification for this with them, as we know that this will cause concern for...
Arrest of Ambassador to Iran: Foreign Secretary statement -
This is such an important consultation, please comment and retweet Learning disability and autism training for health and care staff -
Joint statement from Prime Minister May, Chancellor Merkel and President Macron following President Trump’s statement on Iran -
Please don’t miss the opportunity to have your say. Tonight is the deadline to register to vote #GE2019 -
Travelling to Europe after 29 March? You may need to take extra steps before you travel. Check what you need to do at #PrepareforEUExit
Here is the link to the UK 5-year action plan for antimicrobial resistance 2019 to 2024 -
Hundreds of thousands of benefits claimants could be unable to register for the new #UniversalCredit digital service because of problems using the government’s online identity system Verify, according to new figures
Having made my first speech on this years ago, I’m especially thrilled to announce this. Approval for new trial to prevent Group B Strep in newborn babies -
I wrote this blog post back in 2014 in response to Google selling AdWords to obvious lookalike scammers. (1/3)
U.K. and EP elections: Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster's letter to the Electoral Commission: 1 April 2019 -
Gove at last delivers legislation to ban wild animals in circuses -
CILIP joins calls for Public Inquiry into Govt's proposal to make a rush transfer of data to Cabinet Office, allegedly for "Brexit planning", to ensure proper scrutiny and safeguarding of civil liberties
It has been reported that members are experiencing issues with downloading the new General Licences forms from the website due to the volume of interest. To help, you can download them on the CLA's website here:
Thanks for the feedback. My tweet seems to have garnered much interest. I was quoting a senior visiting foreign dignitary making a speech on positive prospects for our trading relationship. DIT analysis/data from our excellent analytical team available at
An alpha payments service which is the same as some Pay functionality but explicitly doesn't use it, passed its assessment despite the panel clearly being unimpressed by the duplication.
There's a new way to find research and statistics on , and we're open to feedback. Much of the work is under the hood but it's always good to hear about surface-level things too.
As ever, doing things to benchmark standard. It's #ResearchOps gold. A guide for data and privacy in research from the Service Manual: , you produced this, right?
Extended deadline with accessible formats Independent Review of the Mental Health Act -
Government response to the 'First 1000 days of life' report -
Over on we recently added the Dataset type to our "statistical dataset" pages. We'll be gradually fleshing this out over time as more metadata becomes available, and expanding it to our other statistics document types.
has a very good feature where you can see what your tax is spent on. I went on it to learn that I spent roughly ten times more servicing the UK debt interest, than on contributions to the EU budget. Can we get that on the side of a bus?
Net Zero Review launched to support UK's world leading climate commitment -
Government appoints first National Adviser for LGBT Health and appoints 12 people to the new National LGBT Advisory Panel - #LGBT #LGBTActionPlan
New guidelines on #housing #ageing #disability. Let's hope they make a difference Housing for older and disabled people -
Still buzzing with excitement after the digital government conference at the Harvard Kennedy School . Thank you for the opportunity to present about and Pay. Met so many awesome people!
"Three more identity providers to withdraw from troubled Verify programme"
Visit to register to vote before Tuesday. Students remember it’s ok to be registered in two places as long as you vote only once! Vote . Do not forget Tuesday is the last day to register! Tell your friends!
Before journos write up this supposedly “new” no deal immigration plan, do please check how it differs from the existing no deal immigration plan that at 12.10pm is still on the website
Calling all students. Apply for a postal vote -
One of the largest #mentalhealth trials launches in schools in the UK testing #Mindfulness, Breathing & #relaxation - ⁩ ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ #prevention #meditation
Deadline to register to vote in local elections is TODAY. #Register to vote -
Look 👀 job alert. Come and help us help the NHS. Digital & Technology Business Analyst - Civil Service Jobs -
Today’s CMA provisional findings on ILMN-PACB merger is great news for ⁦⁩ Pretty much sucks for everyone else (⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ , customers) Illumina/ Pacific Biosciences merger inquiry -
As far as I can see the DVLA discussions around #ADHD and #ASD are ongoing & evidence will be considered by Secretary of State Advisory Panel, next week on 20 March 2019. Video below from website: 1/3
Here is the link to the UK 20-year vision for antimicrobial resistance - published today
"Cannabis-derived medicinal products to be made available on prescription [in the UK]" - -
Building rapidly meant technical debt was created. We’ve been working to classify and measure the debt so we can pay it down. See how:
NO epidemic! Also ‘calls for stop smoking practitioners and health professionals supporting smokers to receive education and training, in the use of e-cigarettes’ Regular e-cigarette use remains low among young people in Britain -
New Strengths-based social work: practice framework and handbook - launched. Co-authored by ⁦⁩, ⁦⁩ and Dr Tony Stanley ⁦⁩.
I’m trying to set up Verify with the Post Office. Here’s the list of banks and building societies whose debit cards cannot be verified as part of the process. So nowhere major then. FFS.
New law supports all families who suffer the loss of a child -
The first year: largest study there has been in England. Over the next few years we will build a solid knowledge base on child & family social workers. Longitudinal study of local authority social workers -
This consultation closes on Tuesday 15th Oct. If you have an opinion on the impact or implementation of the act what’s working and what isn’t please take a few minutes to respond. Homelessness Reduction Act 2017: call for evidence -
Happy World Social Work day #WSWD2018 pleased to publish my annual annual report:2017 to 2018 today to celebrate -
What’s the significance of this? Illumina, Inc. / Pacific Biosciences of California, Inc. merger inquiry -
Get it done! Don’t wait until the last minute - If you haven’t yet registered to vote you must register by 11:59pm on 26 November to vote in the General Election on 12 December. Register to vote - . Please Retweet!
Three suggestions next time you write about immigration: 1. Check website. You could have seen we've had a points based system since 2008 if you looked. 2. Ask an immigration lawyer to fact check. 3. Maybe ask a migrant about how immigration works? 😉
Notify are now sending 500 million messages a year to email subscribers. Find out more about how Notify scaled to meet this demand: #GovPlatforms
Join the Data Science Accelerator: applications now open - blogs via thanks
Government to end investment in Verify digital identity system - Cabinet Office announces 18-month transition to hand troubled identity assurance programme over to private sector: #verify
The EU Withdrawal Act statutory instruments are being posted on . Just the 188 of them so far. Net neutrality, the e-commerce directive, and intellectual property are among them.
Thousands of Universal Credit claimants unable to use Verify to apply for benefits via
Notify are now sending 500 million messages a year to email subscribers. Find out more about how Notify scaled to meet this demand: #GovPlatforms
There may be some evidence here that is collected from Drug Treatment....not GP's #NonMedicalDrugs Substance misuse treatment for adults: statistics 2016 to 2017 - › government › subs...
NHSX: new joint organisation for digital, data and technology - they even have a Twitter ⁦⁩ 👀
There may be some evidence here that is collected from Drug Treatment....not GP's #NonMedicalDrugs Substance misuse treatment for adults: statistics 2016 to 2017 - › government › subs...
No deal #Brexit preparations revving up: 35 email announcements issued at 1445
Health Secretary announces £250 million investment in artificial intelligence - good news ⁦⁩ #DanishHealthtech
Thousands of Universal Credit claimants unable to use Verify to apply for benefits
GDS Maintains Commitment to #Verify Despite 3 Out of 5 Suppliers Withdrawing ⠀ ⠀ #digital #identity
RT : Health protection in schools and other childcare facilities -
Relieved to see this published at 11th hour. And very pleased to see 2030 smoke free ambition and mention of “polluter pays” principle. Will see how next regime honours this ambition Advancing our health: prevention in the 2020s -
Need an autocomplete for UK government organisations? Try 's based on registers, accessible autocomplete, and his own super-handy synonyms.
Today, I'm looking for a good definition of 'statutory services' - any ideas? Sometimes it's tricky to find clear, plain language definitions of terms used in legislation and on 🤔
Why we need a people centric approach to transport. Transport/mobility/access as a key determinant of health inequalities. Future of mobility: inequalities in mobility and access in the UK - you will like this ⁦
This is a very important consultation. One for ? National Data Strategy open call for evidence -
National Drought Group - EA Chief Executive’s Statement -
Future frameworks for international collaboration on research and innovation: call for evidence -
GDS says that virtual assistants such as Alexa and Google Home can now access more than 12,000 pieces of government information on
Register to vote - Don’t forget to register to have your say
Social Work vacancies within the National Crime Agency, Investigations Command - Civil Service Jobs -
Opening the Verify Hub source code - Technology in government
Timely report from UK Chief Medical Officer for #WorldObesityDay Time to solve childhood obesity: CMO special report -
Summary: enormous headache for businesses that use personal information on people in EU countries. Many civil servants taken away from other work simply to alert business to risk. Data protection if there’s no Brexit deal -
Archived! site giving us a blunt reminder that the First World War Centenary is over! At least the events pages look like they'll be preserved for posterity
Just tried to find the 'make an FOI' form/ email address for the Home Office. It's a horrible circular labyrinth. portal page leads to list of home pages, link on home page leads back to portal page.
UK aid will be “even quicker and smarter” in 2019 -
Faster access to new medicines agreed in deal with industry -
This should be fun. UK starts selection process for next Poet Laureate -
Dashboard - Voter registration - REGISTER TO VOTE.
It’s that time of electoral cycle when people tweet about state of voter reg figures on the Performance Platform. They’re not useless (trends!) but there’s been known issues since day 1. *leaves another comment about need to describe limitations better*
Around 20 NHS organisations have now published their Gender Pay Gap reports - Gender pay gap -
Follow on Remembrance Sunday tomorrow for live updates from the National Service of Remembrance at the Cenotaph and read timings for the day on #LestWeForget
Lots of interesting stuff on future for , including snippets on consent-based data sharing, but most fascinated by examples of places where users are that don’t include any of the face-to-face places where public services are needed
Moving to London has a high impact on a graduate’s salary. But what is the impact of most likely not being able to buy property on their future life? (Average £478,853 from )
Edward Timpson publishes landmark exclusions review -
Welcome news this morning but an opportunity missed not to apply the flexibility to all NHS staff not just senior clinical staff - NHS pensions for senior clinicians: new changes announced to improve care -
Congrata to ⁦⁩ colleague Prof Helen Fenwick on this appointment! 🙌🏻 Commission for Countering Extremism selects leading academics for research papers -
A thoughtful reminder of why behaviour and language matter. Open letter from the Committee on Standards in Public Life to all public office holders -
The U.K. has played a critical role in brokering the ceasefire in Hodeida. We welcome and support this drive for a wider Political settlement to the war in Yemen: Foreign Secretary's statement -
Huge responsibility. Critical climate will require total government approach from No.10 to ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ and ... UK bids for COP26 presidency in partnership with Italy - #COP26
Bullshit. Give me a direct link to that page. I've searched and can't find it. Or are you now going to claim it's been taken down as part of some conspiracy?
New commitments in the fight against antimicrobial resistance - Worth sharing #MDXNur
Important info in this briefing. Great to see suicide prevention being rightful prioritised in the actions. If our ambition isn’t #zerosuicide what is the right number? PM pledges action on suicide to mark World Mental Health Day -
This just out. V important data to drive change. Severe mental illness (SMI): physical health inequalities -
The uses 10% of the world’s pagers - for now. Health and Social Care Secretary bans pagers
Funding announced to train 900 new children’s social workers - - “all trainees will benefit from generous bursaries of up to £20,000.” Could this not be done through universities?
There’s still time. Register to vote -
Today's MasterMap press release #opendata
Why content should be published in HTML and not PDF
Note - GPs advised against physical examination of suspected cases #nCoV2019 WN-CoV: Interim guidance for primary care -
"[] launched in 2012 and just over a year later it was hosting all the content for 24 departments and 330 organisations. By 2015, it had replaced the sites of 1,882 gov organisations.” Good lessons on scaling within gov from UK GDS:
It will be SUCH a loss if this change leads to fewer outstanding graduates entering nursing and healthcare education. Such a loss. Healthcare education funding for postgraduate, dental hygiene and dental therapy students -
Unconference session at our Bristol #LocalDigital roadshow on how to use Pay for local services like green waste collection #FixThePlumbing
Open letter from the Committee on Standards in Public Life to all public office holders -
Sara Khan to lead Commission for Countering Extremism -
It's out! Independent Review of the Mental Health Act: interim report - next step is to consider MHN role in supporting & implementing much needed change
Independent Review of the Mental Health Act: interim report -
42 consultations and papers published since Monday morning, according to site:
Freshers urged to get MenACWY and MMR vaccines before start of term -
So my Mum who has been here since 1968 has to apply? This is going to send her into a complete spin, she will be convinced that she will be sent back to Italy! Settled and pre-settled status for EU citizens and their families -
It's your last chance to register to vote. Register to vote -
Flu vaccine effectiveness in 2017 to 2018 season -
This is an announcement of great importance for all of us - first in the world. Would like to congratulate ⁦⁩ as inaugural chair. No better person to lead Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation -
Hizballah to be banned by ⁦⁩ , alongside other terrorist organisations -
Implementing pathogen genomics: a case study -
£20 million funding to help 10,000 young people into NHS careers -
⁩ Secretary of State ⁦⁩ letter to civil society organisations about the Government’s planning for Brexit -
Chancellor launches Budget process to usher in ‘decade of renewal’, promises to “prioritise the environment”
Thousands of new roles to be created in mental health workforce plan - - let’s hope this means thousands of new posts - already too many unplanned and untested new roles
Access over 30,000 #UKAid Research and Evidence papers– 'Research for Development' on , mobile friendly 📱-
Education Secretary: “I am an utter pudding for writing this crap that character and resilience are key to social mobility” -
First case of monkeypox confirmed in England -
Seems tenderers and bidders for #AotF £4M pots are being notified of success/shortlisting. Interested to see who gets selected...
Matt Hancock: new technology is key to making NHS the world’s best -
seriously. 🇬🇧 visa application is painfully long. once you apply, you pay fees to and separately on a 3rd party site run by some indian company. currently stuck on what fee to pay turns out each site has different tiers and the tiers don't align well FML
New HIV diagnoses across the UK fell by 17 per cent in 2017 -
Fascinating - prep info for voice: "we could increase the number of answers we provide in voice assistants simply by making it easier for search and knowledge engines to use as a data source"
UK response to the Ebola outbreak in North Kivu, DRC -
Common animal-associated infections quarterly reports: 2018 -
Flu vaccination leaflet: who should have it this winter and why -
Inactivated influenza vaccine: information for healthcare practitioners -
⁩ research on digital inclusion: Leaving No One Behind in a Digital World -
Lyme disease epidemiology and surveillance -
The future of work: jobs and skills in 2030 - via
Having spent years working on collecting policy docs from places like : PDFs look nice, are self-contained, easy to save (linkrot is terrible!). They print for annotation nicely. It pains me to say it but not sure HTML currently trumps PDF for users (2/2)
Search over 30,000 #UKAid Research and Evidence papers– 'Research for Development' on , mobile friendly 📱-
Still time. Please do this if you haven’t already Register to vote -
Sports groups score £400,000 funding boost to tackle #extremism -
Takes 5 mins - Register to vote - - open until 11:59pm tonight
Claim from Leics is on website anyhow! () Although 2nd pic from CCC website.. says Leics started in Jan 2013 which would make it later than Cleveland in 2012 (Pete Jackson, Leics Police is listed as source ()
PM Theresa May: we will end UK contribution to climate change by 2050 -
£40 million investment to reduce NHS staff login times -
My stay on this ward is costing the Earth many times more than what I I’m alleged to owe but according & other sources of above I don’t.Are you listening the troll who tried to harm me?
Stuck in a Kafkaesque loop on . It was nice knowing you all.
PM launches new mission to put prevention at the top of the mental health agenda - More progress for the MH agenda but essential that future PMs maintain and grow the focus and investment
Is it an either/or? Speaking as someone just recently - as a citizen not funder - desperately looking for info on education policy in the uk, I was so happy to have give me the legislation easily searchable...
They tell me to contact them for help linking accounts. And provide a link that loops back on itself with no contact details on it. Well done, . A classic.
Lord Farmer’s follow-up review finds family and other relationships ‘utterly indispensable’ for the rehabilitation of female offenders and reduction of intergenerational crime -
Environmental bodies set joint vision to tackle climate change -
Our national identity strategy is the envy of the world and beacon to the nations. As jealous forefingers across the seas turn to Verify for guidance, identity theft is soon to be a thing of the past and... er... wait... hold on...
UK aid funds world’s biggest educational technology research project -
Congratulations to Angela McLean ⁦⁩ - first woman appointed as MOD Chief Scientific Adviser - HT ⁦
These excellent documents are now available for all those interested in systems approaches to obesity. Congratulations to ⁦⁦⁦⁩ :⁩ Whole systems approach to obesity -
Advancing our health: prevention in the 2020s – consultation document - this is really good.
New ⁦⁩ aid to incentivise banks to lend to women by reducing costs, provide expert training to female entrepreneurs & break down barriers for female entrepreneurs in #Africa -
Very encouraged to see the U.K. committing to make #progressnotpromises at the #g7biarritz! : PM offers education lifeline to 600,000 children living in conflict -
Have you confirmed with
Steady investments in a changing climate -
Healthcare advice for UK travellers in the event of a no-deal EU Exit - : Don’t get ill
Chief Social Worker for Adults' annual report: 2018 to 2019 – social work leadership in changing times - The AMHP & ⁦⁩ get more than a passing mention by the big cheese ⁦⁩ ✔️
I believe in the power of technology to make lives better - “to care about technology is to care about people”
UK deploys a team of three humanitarian experts to Bahamas following devastating Hurricane Dorian -
UK aid’s biggest ever single direct commitment to tackle climate change in Africa -
Been doing some research on the chem-bio lab at Porton Down. According to site: “No aliens, either alive or dead have ever been taken to Porton Down or any other Dstl site.” Is Porton the British Area 51?
Human animal infections and risk surveillance group (HAIRS) - . Did you know about HAIRS? An important project to understand the animal-human interphase and emerging infections. ⁦
Legal Opinion on Joint Instrument and Unilateral Declaration concerning the Withdrawal Agreement -
New big 🧀s ⁦ ⁩ Interim Joint Chief Social Worker for Adults announced -
Another consequence of 'austerity' was the loss of individual UK Government Department websites. Navigating the horrible remains on the website is no fun.
Prime Minister announces ambitious package of support to protect and restore the world's forests -
Just seen this statement on "The United Kingdom is leaving the European Union on 31 October 2019." Has a deal been done? Has Parliament ratified it? What happens at ? I think we should be told!
Monitoring the Mental Health Act: 2017 to 2018 - I have read this again properly & I am left underwhelmed. In terms of the application of the MHA & the CoP. The ⁦⁩ need to me monitoring & reporting>
Monitoring the Mental Health Act: 2017 to 2018 - >
Implications for business and trade of a no deal exit on 29 March 2019 -
Exporting active substances for medicines after Brexit - #Brexit
#Suicideprevention profile ⁦⁩ February 2019 update - #SelfHarmData
2/ at least France supports TDM. The UK (government and libraries), despite having passed the TDM exception has done NOTHING. Support from JISC??? Support for tools??? Support for legal??? Support for training??? I wrote to (IPO, PIR) saying exactly this.
Women in Innovation: new support announced - via #innovation #iwd
PHE publishes independent expert e-cigarettes evidence review - ⁩ needs to review real world evidence from ⁦⁩ re what works to help smokers quit. #CessationSGR ⁦
Learning disability and autism training for health and care staff -
#GlobalDisabilitySummit. You can find a summary of all the commitments made (and lots of details of gov, NGO & private sector organizations) in the link here: - #YA24 #LNOB #Health #Disability
Counter-Terrorism and Border Security Bill given Royal Assent -
Contracts awarded to deliver urgent medicines into UK after Brexit -
Charitable think tank warned over breaches of charity law -
Junior minister says considering facial recognition to verify age of p0rn-watchers *the white heat of new technology shining into every corner of our digital government*
Forensic mental health social work: capabilities framework -
Reduced Threat from Northern Ireland-related terrorism to Great Britain -
That Queen's Speech was so insubstantial I'm surprised HM didn't end with "For more on my government's agenda go to
In memory of Rebecca: The Rebecca Dykes Chevening Scholarship -
NHS pensions for senior clinicians: new changes announced to improve care -
Congratulations Sir Jeremy! It’s great to see your huge global health impact recognized on The New Year's Honours list 2019 - ⁩ ⁦
Chief Medical Officer annual report 2018: better health within reach - good to see specific section on impact of inequalities on mental health and how this relates to physical health
maybe we need to follow the digital plan for healthcare and put NHS email into the evaluation"Sandbox" a bit like Frank Skinner puts things into room 101
. do you know what link actually explains how to apply for settled status, given that we're now eligible for the pilot? Been surfing for the last half hour and none the wiser... (or is it hidden in the pdf guidelines?).
Withdrawal Agreement explainer and Technical Explanatory note on Articles 6-8 on the Northern Ireland Protocol -
Took some passport photos that resembled Darth Vader when Luke takes his mask off in Return of Jedi. rejected them on the grounds that they contained too much dark side. 🤷‍♂️ #truestory
Trust but Verify: 's federated approach to digital identity provision - new policy paper
Trusted Digital Identity Provision: Verify’s Federated Approach
Digital inclusion – ⁦⁩ research review of trends and messages -
Advancing our health: prevention in the 2020s -
UKVI’s new front end services: what you need to know - - sharing for anyone else in an #ILR panic, with huge thanks to ⁦⁩ for the intel
UK’s largest companies pledge hundreds of millions of pounds to tackle climate change -
UK climate targets: request for advice from the Committee on Climate Change -
S.140 of the MHA, is just like a real section of the MHA ✔️ Section 140 of the Mental Health Act: a briefing for CCGs and local authority partners -
Net Zero Review launched to support UK's world leading climate commitment -