my latest: former Daily Caller editor wrote for white nationalist website Radix under a pseudonym, while working at the Caller
When a Daily Caller editor was busted as a former contributor to Richard Spencer, it (rightly) got full court media attention. Curious to see how those same people cover a sitting member of Congress publishing with Farrakhan
update: Greer withdrew from this year's Novak Fellowship, per director Daniel McCarthy. Greer "failed to disclose his pseudonymous and prejudiced writing when he applied," McCarthy said. "Had he done so, he would not have been considered for a fellowship."
Last month the Daily Caller editor-in-chief said I didn't "do facts well" & called me a "weasel" for pointing out one of his editors, Scott Greer, is a white supremacist. Today, reports Greer wrote for an alt-right website using a pseudonym.
Daily Caller contributor wrote about "virile blacks" and "non-white hordes" for an alt-right site run by Richard Spencer
Least surprising news of the day.
Greer acknowledges writing the McGregor posts but says "As the political situation has evolved in recent years, so have my views," and says he is ending any affiliation with the Daily Caller
An exclusive from in Daily Caller Scott Greer editor also wrote for 'alt-right' Radix Journal using pseudonym.
How many staffers at established conservative organizations and outlets are writing pseudonymously for white supremacist publications?
Another writer/editor for the Daily Caller with extensive white nationalist ties. Another.
Everybody be sure to follow this guy who wrote for Richard Spencer's site and was then disowned by the Daily Caller for being too racist.
Among those pushing this “army” or “war”: Andrew Anglin, who owes more than $14 million to people he urged neo-Nazis and white nationalists to harass Scott Greer, fired from the Daily Caller for extension white nationalist ties.
#RT : The is a white supremacist front organization. One of their lead editors and contributors was just outed as a white supremacist who worked online under a different name. They knew this. Trump has them at White House press…
This story is interesting, because it really shows how there’s more interest in “secret” white nationalism than the stuff being rubbed right in your face.
Of course Scott Greer wrote for Richard Spencer's white supremacist site.
The Daily Caller had a bit of an alt-right problem. investigates
A Daily Caller editor also wrote under a pseudonym for the 'alt-right' Radix Journal, reports
Scott Greer, an editor and columnist at the Daily Caller, also wrote as “Michael McGregor” for Radix Journal, the publication associated with the “alt-right” figure Richard Spencer
A Daily Caller Editor Wrote for an ‘Alt-Right’ Website Using a Pseudonym
Trump's SINISTER influence flows backwards in time, apparently. Dude left Radix in 2015.
In 2018, what is the statement made by influential “journalists” caught concealing their work for White Nationalism behind fake identities? “I do not apologize” and “I will continue to promote my views”.
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