New tool: Explore how different policy scenarios would affect the size of your state’s prison population.
Very excited to announce release of first-ever interactive tool to show impacts of state policy changes not just on prison populations, but also on costs and racial/ethnic composition.
Thread: Now that we can model what state prison populations in 2025 could look like under a nearly infinite number of reform scenarios, what should we keep in mind for taking action today? #CJreform (1/5)
Really cool forecaster from my colleagues lets you explore how different policy scenarios would affect the size of your state’s prison population.
Excellent new tool by to explore what changes are needed to really cut back on prisons: The BEST part, which is truly fantastic? It has a cost-savings calculator that is the most sophisticated take on MARGINAL (!!) cost savings I’ve seen.
Report: California's dramatic reduction in its prison populations hasn't compromised public safety, write & How could your state reduce its prison population?
Surprising finding from our Prison Population Forecaster: Very few "backend" policies will change the racial/ethnic makeup of a state's prison population, even those that substantially impact it's size.
Wow, this is *amazing* 's interactive tool shows how prison populations are impacted by state policy changes. U can also factor in race/ethnicity & costs. Cheers cc
Use Prison Population Forecaster to explore how policy reforms could affect state prison populations.
New research from our friends at examines 5 states that decreased prison population btwn 14-25% in 10 yrs → . Great tie in to our Prison Population Forecaster examining which policies have most impact state by state
Prison Population Forecaster: Use our forecaster to explore how policy changes could affect state prison populations MT #criminology #penology #SocialJustice #SJW #SJ #cjreform