A 25 year old doctor has hanged himself in his hospital, only 3 days into his new job. Guys, if you are feeling overwhelmed, desperate, broken or depressed, *please* seek help. A mate / colleague / 24/7 phone counselling / Samaritans on 116123.
Sadly this is the news that we have been helping doctors with over the last few days. Your current committee , I and are committed to helping anyone and have highlighted resources available.
Another tragic and unnecessary death. I think every junior doctor in today’s NHS can empathise. We’ve all been there, to some degree. Myself included. This is what it’s like. /thread
Devastating. 25 yr old junior doctor died by suicide on his third day at work. Please Drs, seek support. run a telephone counselling service, Colleges can offer support, as can deaneries, ES’s/CS’s. Please, reach out. Look out for each other.❤️