This morning, the Chronicle launches the first installment of Out of Control, a months long project by , and myself into why Houston's roads are so deadly. HERE IT IS
An ER doctor was shocked by the traffic injuries he observed after leaving Seattle for a hospital in Houston: "I thought I had a good barometer of violence and trauma until I came here." Read this special report from &
What would happen if an airport lost three 737s to fiery crashes? Well, Houston area road have that many deaths each year. So enjoy your commute. First in our series... Out of Control: Houston’s roads, drivers are nation's most deadly
640 people are dying on average every year on Houston's roads. Staggering. This excellent report points the finger at: #1. Sprawl #2. Wide, fast road design #3. Lack of enforcement #4. Lack of sidewalks, bike lanes
Among the 12 largest metro areas in the U.S., Houston has the worst record for roadway fatalities in terms of deaths per capita from 2001 through 2016, a Houston Chronicle analysis shows. This chart shows the ranking for each category.
'I'm scared to drive' says one grieving mother. Great work here from and Out of Control: Houston’s roads, drivers are nation's most deadly
Extremely comprehensive, well-said piece in the detailing the traffic safety challenges we see in regions across the country and showing need for better enforcement – both traditional & automated. Thanks to & for writing.
I complain a lot about bad media coverage of traffic crashes. But lately newspapers have really stepped up their game. This is 💯💯💯 
"Many drivers appear not to care. They ignore warnings to slow down and to put their phones away and pay attention to the road — in part because they don't fear a penalty." via