Latest on the MSSP w/ & in : Multi-tweet summary: contrary to assertions (based on benchmarks) that the MSSP has cost Medicare $, we find continued net savings in 2015 based on plausible counterfactual (1/7)
New et al study finds MSSP ACOs saved Medicare ~$250 million in 2015 on net, driven entirely by physician-led ACOs
After 3 years, hospital-based ACOs did not produce savings but physician-led ACOs did.
Getting into the updated to their #MSSP dif n dif study. Pop health takes time and physician ACOs have better performance than hospital ACOs continues to hold true.
In an analysis of spending in the Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP), participation in shared-savings contracts was associated with savings for Medicare among physician groups but not among hospital-integrated organizations. Full article:
Latest on Medicare ACOs not to be missed. Why? The biggest thing that should be discussed about ACOs is stark differences between ACOs involving hospitals vs. physician-group ACOs. Physician groups saving $$; hospital ACOs mostly not. Big differences. 1/
Airplane reading.
I have a feeling that have some opinions about this recent analysis
Interesting perspective. I wonder if physicians becoming employed / losing autonomy is really better for the patient. Maybe physician-owned practices are better suited to value-based care models? Some Medicare ACO data might support such a notion