"First Harvard, Google, & now the editors-in-chief of 2 esteemed scientific journals, the National Science Foundation, & the international publisher Springer have all surrendered to demands from the radical academic Left to suppress a controversial idea"
Egregious: A math paper that tries to explain a fascinating fact (greater male variability) is censored. Again the academic left loses its mind: Ties equality to sameness, erodes credibility of academia, & vindicates right-wing paranoia. via
Recently a *published* article was removed from a mathematics journal without any explanation (). Now the same thing happened with an article by in the New English Review (screenshot: ). Is unpublishing a new thing?
This paper is deemed so dangerous (evaluating an idea propounded by Darwin) that many people and entities went to great lengths to prevent anyone from reading it. The story is here: #forbiddenpaper
Academic Activists Send a Published Paper Down the Memory Hole
Absolutely appalling. Identity politics should not have this kind of influence over scientific research
Do not scroll past this one. Read it. Demand it be taken seriously. We cannot tolerate science papers being made to disappear if they have findings which do not support dominant ideologies
Math paper on why males are more variable on many traits in many species, 2x accepted for publication then unaccepted, because "damaging to the aspirations of impressionable young [math] women", "right-wing media may pick this up", & "sexist set of ideas"
“When a refereed & published paper can be erased from the scientific record & replaced by a completely different article, without any discussion with the author or any announcement in the journal, what will this mean for the future of electronic journals?”
"First Harvard, Google, & now the editors-in-chief of 2 esteemed scientific journals, the NSF, & the international publisher Springer have all surrendered to demands from the radical academic Left to suppress a controversial idea" From the archives
Update on the Ted Hill piece recently published by : Supporting documentation verifying the political nature of the attacks on the 2 journals which accepted it can be found here-->
Authors of controversial paper about male variability bullied by politically correct defenders of supposedly fragile female self-consciousness. Episodes like this are the reason people don't trust scientists. I can't even blame them.
The file drawer effect is the problem of research not being published because the results don't support the hypotheses of the researchers. Stories like this highlight the need to recognize an ideological drawer effect.
From the archives: Professor Emeritus of Mathematics at Georgia Tech, Ted Hill, writes about when happened when a research paper he submitted on intelligence was rejected not on scientific grounds, but due to the fear it might elicit.
Two of the math professors involved in the ostensible suppression of this paper (…) release statements. No party has yet released evidence such as emails (but I suspect those will out): Wilkinson (…) & Farb ()
Key parts of Ted Hill's story presented here confirmed: 1. Paper was accepted 2. Acceptance was rescinded 3. Reason was politics. All corroborated by this email via
The memory holing of this statistical paper on biological MALE variability is how Academic Free Speech becomes "Hate Speech"
The mathematician Theodore Hill describes how his paper has twice been accepted for publication by mathematics journals and then, once published, been de-published because of political criticism. #AmorMundi
Intolerance of an open society of scientific ideas is as strong within academia as it is among the populists who detest “experts.” It is high time for academic publishing to wake from its servitude to political correctness & disciplinary fashions.
Men and women are just different. Ridiculous that it’s become poison to discuss that.
The Progressive mafia in Academia mobilized to erase a published academic paper and to damage the career of one of its authors
How about the fact that plenty of academics in U.S. and U.K. have been censured by their colleagues for expressing heterodox, right-of-centre views, but not vice versa? Latest example
If presented under the banners of advocacy and equality, the suppression of civil liberties and free inquiry now come with a social license.
We've looked at how activists within the academy made one mathematician's paper on the Greater Male Variability Hypothesis disappear from the published record
The truly frightening story of what can happen when the implications of your academic paper conflict with dogmatic identity politics. Fascinating read by Theodore P. Hill in