NEW - UK could become ‘net zero by 2050’ using negative emissions |
"The UK could cut its emissions to “net-zero” within the next three decades by stepping up investment into technologies that can remove CO2 from the atmosphere"
Could 🇬🇧 become net zero by 2️⃣0️⃣5️⃣0️⃣ using negative emissions? Read in 👉🏼 Then vote 👇🏼
Interesting report from the Royal Society and the Royal Academy of Engineering on the potential for negative emissions technology - UK could 'become ‘net zero by 2050’
UK could become ‘net zero by 2050’ using negative emissions Negative emissions don’t exist
"For example, the scenario assumes that the UK will plant an additional 1.2m hectares of forest – an area roughly the size of the West Midlands. Many of these forests would be monocultures (...)"
Can the UK remove 130MtCO₂ from the atmosphere by 2050? * 27% are technologies ready to deploy; * 58% require CCS (BECCS, DAC); * 15% not yet demonstrated at scale; Key point is that multiple technologies needed....
UK could become carbon neutral by 2050 using negative emissions and cuts BUT ‘we need to act quickly’