Silence having done nothing for their detained relatives, Uyghurs abroad are risking it all to speak out publicly against China's extrajudicial imprisonment of one million Muslims. My story from northern Virginia, the Uyghur diaspora's US "headquarters"
“Morally, we felt awful, guilty, and burdened." UIghur poet Tahir Hamut tells about his wrenching, courageous decision to talk on-the-record to about what's happening in Xinjiang, and the harrowing consequences for his relatives.
A close picture of Uighurs living in the US affected by the crackdown in Xinjiang. Great reporting by
Morally, we felt awful, guilty n burdened,” he said. “But other Uygurs, even without relatives in the US, are getting arrested all the wife n I decided that we would pass all our relatives in Xinjiang into the hands of God.” 旅美維吾尔人打破沉默
Uygurs in US speak out about #China’s crackdown by
"In January, after visiting her husband and their the US, Jalaleddin returned to...#Xinjiang...and was promptly imprisoned for reasons unknown to Nizamidin." Speaking out: Uygurs in US break silence on China’s crackdown via
Speaking out: Uygurs in the United States break silence on China’s crackdown | South China Morning Post