Who really speaks for the Chinese government? Which party-state agency owns which media group? What rank do they have? and I translated this infographic for our analysis of #Propaganda in #China under #XiJinping for
Have been chewing over Propaganda 2.0 for a while now. Glad to have put this together with to examine how propaganda in the new era is probably more effective than you think in winning hearts and minds of the Chinese public:
A deep-dive into the Chinese Communist Party's propaganda system by my colleagues and . Especially interesting when they dig into the numbers to try to reveal how much the CCP actually spends on propaganda work.
You can't spell propaganda without PR. The CCP has embarked on a public relations makeover since Xi took office, and the propaganda might actually be working. and lift the opacity on propaganda work in the Xi era:
Xi Jinping is wresting control of propaganda from State into Party hands, ramping up propaganda budgets, and making propaganda more watchable. Are his efforts winning over the public in #China? Some data suggest yes. By and I for
What if David Attenborough narrated the next Chinese state-backed documentary? and I watched Amazing China so you don’t have to, and ended up down a Propaganda 2.0 rabbit hole.
Everyone’s obsessed with #socialmedia — Chinese ministries even compete for followers on (Foreign Affairs is #1). and I got a ministry popularity ranking for our piece on #Propaganda in #China under #XiJinping for
This explainer video, produced by the Road to Rejuvenation Studio, is a prime example of Xi Jinping's "Propaganda 2.0." and explain how, and why, this new brand of social media-friendly propaganda may just be working.
How did Xi Jinping, who assumed leadership of a country with over 800 million internet users and a Party with a major image problem, try to turn public opinion around in his, and his Party’s, favor? and explain.
In Xi We Trust: How Propaganda Might Be Working in the New Era - MacroPolo great new analysis from and