The #PayJoin #P2EP sending support is now merged in ! Build the source code now, if you cannot wait for the next release to make every purchase at merchants a #CoinJoin!
New design for Wasabi website BUT still: - No JavaScript - No Cookies - Static page or better with onion browser by . Well done!
[RELEASE] Wasabi Wallet 1.1.4 ✅Hardware Wallet Support - ✅P2P over Tor - ✅Password Typo Bruteforcer - ✅Lurking Wife Mode - ✅20x Bandwidth, 12x Load Time Reduction #Bitcoin #Privacy
[RELEASE] Wasabi 1.1.6 - Stability Improvements 2 Code optimization/stabilization UX improvements - a timer for CoinJoins👌 Warning about coin merging ColdCard Hardware Wallet integration and more! Check the rest out here:
[RELEASE] Wasabi 1.1.5 - Stability Improvements (Especially on Mac)
Since August 1, 2018. made over 1000 BTC fungible! Over 480 successful mixing rounds!
Did you know that exchanges and other services can easily track your bitcoin transactions and link them to your identity? is a privacy focused wallet that helps you break those links. Available for Mac, PC, and Linux at . #WasabiWednesday
[RELEASE] Wasabi v1.1.7: Community Edition Just a few new features: - Manual Fee setting - Lock screen functionality with PIN - Removed Chinese password box And much more! Check out the details here.
CryptoNT earned #bitcoin for his support of #freesoftware in a contribution game. He asked us to please donate the sats to . 💚 We are doubling the amount! Thanks to the heroes on ground helping Venezuelans defend their property and #privacy!
Friendly reminder that the website wasabiwallet . org is a PHISHING SITE!! The only official website is . ALWAYS check #GPG signatures!!! Releases are signed with Adam Ficsor key. 21D7CA45565DBCCEBE45115DB4B72266C47E075E [I've verified the key]
In the month of March, 9489 _fresh_ #bitcoin have entered #CoinJoin. Yes. 🤯 That's almost 100000000000 sats that have now reclaimed their #privacy. 💚🔥🚀 This number is _excluding_ the many re-mixes who gain even more privacy.
[RELEASE] Wasabi Wallet v1.1.3 is released. *daemon, test password, dust protection, deterministic builds...
Do you want privacy on #Bitcoin NOW? You can have it with the new Wasabi Wallet. Features help hide your coins and a built-in coin-join, and TOR built-in! It's in Beta now, with a more stable 1.0 version scheduled for release in less than 7 weeks.
fungibility is important! use
The new Wasabi wallet pairs very nicely with a public Lightning node. When you run publicly and not behind Tor, you create a link from UTXOs to your public key and IP address. I'm using Wasabi now with funds to restore some privacy to those UTXOs
I love some desktop Bitcoin wallets. But... if you are not interested in the unique features they offer, you really have no excuse to not use Wasabi. When Birtcoin takes over the world, your privacy will thank me.
We are now providing continuous delivery of the free source code! Every commit to master branch is automagically packaged and published. This makes it easier for reviewers to install the latest development features!
SInce you trust the developers [you do, right?] we now keep a database of your xpubs and full transaction history. It's good to have third party backups of your financial data. We have a super duper secure unhackable central database. #SharingIsCaring
After long consideration, we have decided to close source the code of client and backend. This will make it much more difficult for attackers to exploit bugs in the software, and everyone will be safe, trust us.
Checkout the recent #ResearchClub about Anonymous Credentials Light! 💚 With special guest , and the usual crew of , , ,
[RELEASE] Wasabi v1.1.7: Community Edition Just a few new features: - Manual Fee setting - Lock screen functionality with PIN - Removed Chinese password box And much more! Check out the details here.
. has requested it for so long, and now we can finally announce this next amazing feature! 🚀 #CoinJoin support for $TRX in
For those who missed it: Wasabi Wallet installation got way easier on macOS. We're shipping with .dmg now.
Join the Research Club! The basics of #WabiSabi, our new #Bitcoin #CoinJoin protocol!
This is my first time trying to anonymize my #bitcoin. It's simple to use-- you select the received $BTC amounts you wish to anonymize (via a newer version of the Coinjoin algorithm), enter your password, and finally click "Enqueue".
[RELEASE] Wasabi 1.1.5 - Stability Improvements (Especially on Mac)
[RELEASE] Wasabi Wallet 1.0.2 released with countless improvements to CoinJoins based on the now available real-world feedback: Thank you for the hard work!
[RELEASE] Wasabi Wallet v1.0.4 is released with macOS DMG installer and fee estimation improvements.
I've been waiting for a block explorer with Tor and TestNet support for so long... Thanks a lot for this ! I pointed both Wasabi's onion and clearnet links to it.
It's #WasabiWednesday. Try it out
What? Wasabi did that much only in equal amount coinjoins and it is about 1-5% of the total coinjoins. And that is about 1-10% of the total amount transacted with Wasabi.