There’s a lot of stuff going on today (Mario Kart, etc.) but the Congressional Research Service (CRS) finally posting their reports online is a really big deal in the policy world. Check them out
Very excited that Congressional Research Service reports are finally officially available to the public. These reports are a treasure trove of valuable, impartial resource that every one can know enjoy: #publicgood
Red-letter day in congressional transparency: CRS reports now officially searchable and available to the public!
Congressional Research Service reports are now available directly online: A lot of excellent energy and climate papers!
CRS reports — amazingly thorough and neutral policy papers on nearly every topic — are now publicly available on a government website.
In a great day for research / analysis transparency, Congressional Research Service reports now will be accessible to the public! Search here: (h/t a colleague)
🚨Per Approps Mandate, Library of Congress to Publish All CRS Reports Online🚨 (at )
Finally! CRS reports are now available from It's not organized by topic (yet) but for now I will take it! #congress
Yay - CRS reports are now searchable online!
Although bootleg copies have been available for a while now, Congress is finally making official CRS reports publicly available. These are *pure gold* if you're teaching courses on public policy.
The Congressional Research Service public portal is here: h/t