'If you scroll to the bottom of the blog posts you’ll see hundreds of comments, many written by eminent mathematicians who are engaged in pseudoscientific speculation littered with sexist tropes' 🔥 
Also: "An actual reading of the Halpern et al. paper reveals that the excess of males in the top tail of the distribution of quantitative reasoning has dramatically decreased during the last few decades, an observation that cannot be explained by genetics"
Some blunt criticism from . The selective use of quotes is all too familiar from bad papers in other disciplines.
I like the suggestion of a "PLoS One Evaluated (POE)” standard for scientific publication made by here
Within, Lior Pachter takes on this sexist opinion piece on the "Variability Hypothesis" that was recently rejected for publication. Sexists worldwide have tried to draw attention to this, but Lior assures us the paper isn't a mathematical analysis