.: A new survey from YouGov shows that by March 29, it will be difficult to sustain the argument that the British electorate want #Brexit to take place. We need a #PeoplesVote to give the public the #finalsay on #Brexit
You know the ‘people’ whose sacred will must be honored by driving the UK off the Brexit cliff? They’re dead. The UK now has a demographic majority for Remain.
Enough Brexiters will have died by January to tip the public opinion to remain. We’re voluntarily impoverishing ourselves to appease the Will of the fucking Dead.
#Brexit: Leave majority is shrinking by 1,350 a day, even if nobody changes their vote. On demographics alone, Crossover Day, when Remain takes the lead will be January 19. I set out the evidence, in
The scale of the generational divide on Brexit really is staggering. Two thirds of elderly voters backed Brexit. Three quarters of under 25s backed Remain. An older non-working generation is inflicting a dismal future on their working descendants.
Ah, some numbers here re departed Leave voters
Saturday 19 January is ‘cross-over’ day. The 17.4 million who voted Leave in 2016 no longer exist. A recent YouGov poll suggests that the UK is now pro-Remain. This is the real ‘will of the people’ and the reason May won’t agree to a #People’s Vote