Kudos to Secretary Pompeo for raging against the chaos of improper comma usage, yet another threat to the international order.
Pompeo cracks down, on improper use, of commas at State Department
Who knew Mike Pompeo was a grammar nerd… Apparently he’s really concerned about commas
This story, on comma use, is amazing, don’t you think
CNN mocks a U.S Gov. official for telling his employees to maintain professional grammar, something most government departments fail to do. I’m pretty sure CNN could use the same advice considering its poor level of journalism and shrinking audience.
OK, this is a genius headline.
Mike Pompeo is really taking his Marty Perez impression to extremes.
Whew, that was close--looks like the Oxford comma survived 's scrutiny and grammatical clean-up at :
This sentence, though: “The secretary's desire for strict style guide adherence contrasts with President Donald Trump's tendency on Twitter to forego standard guidelines on punctuation and capitalization.”
I sent my twin sister, the best editor I know, this Mike Pompeo comma garbage and her response was so characteristically on point.