My take on the bizarre story behind a Buddhist temple in Taiwan that's been converted into something likely never before seen on the island: a massive shrine to the Chinese Communist Party
A Taiwanese man took over a Buddhist temple in Taiwan, evicted the nuns, and converted it into a shrine to the Chinese Communist Party. “I am determined to lead the people of Taiwan province to reunify with our motherland,” he said.
The difference between Taiwan and China on display in the remarkable story of one temple. “Taiwan is a free country. We will not stop you just because you raise the Chinese flag.”
A man with an "unflinching stare" converts a Buddhist nunnery into a shrine for Maoist Communism. A local official shrugs -- no big deal. The nuns smell a financial scam. They now live in shipping containers. This must be Taiwan. Do read.
This story is just bonkers. Nice work by .
“He is taking advantage of the Chinese flag to make money,” says a nun in Taiwan, whose temple was taken over by a man who wants reunification. “He said he would ask the People’s Liberation Army to come fight us if we dared to provoke him.”
Taiwan's Biyun Temple is no longer a place for Buddhist prayer and reflection; instead, it now displays "Communist Party symbols, propaganda posters and portraits of party leaders like Mao Zedong and Zhou Enlai." Story by .