Every time I share this or similar pieces in "but Bloomberg" conversations, I get... total silence
Bloomberg is also going to have to answer for his treatment of women. I think this is going to be a bigger problem for him than stop and frisk.
I had not seen this before on Bloomberg's long history of misogyny (plus his belief that an allegation of rape can't be believed unless there is "an unimpeachable third witness"...) Cements his position in the NOT TODAY SATAN category. h/t
This look at a Bloomberg candidacy in the age of #metoo holds up astonishingly well
In the #MeToo/Access Hollywood era, why has gotten a pass? "Why is no one talking about Bloomberg's #MeToo issues?" " (2018): Mike Bloomberg and the Underbelly of #MeToo" #BloombergAndMeToo
And it’s not just stop and frisk! People have no idea. ——> Mike Bloomberg and the Underbelly of #MeToo - The Atlantic
Starting to think maybe the only way to be completely safe on this score is to nominate and run female candidates, every damn time.
Mike Bloomberg's history asks complicated questions about the intersection of politics and morality in the age of #MeToo, writes