the policy section on andrew yang's website is incredible
I wholly and enthusiastically support for President. Comprehensive, compassionate, evidence-based policies Offered by a sincere, articulate, and knowledgeable entrepreneur who understands the economy. He can and will beat Trump.
It’s pretty clear what this campaign stands for - we have laid out our policy agenda for all to see.
Not usually political on twitter, but after reading re: today & then a lot of , I'm game. As a rationalist, it's tough to argue with any of his ideas/policies from any pragmatic standpoint, party affiliation notwithstanding.
Why they are running for President: "I love my country". "I love my country". <tweet character limit reached>
You don’t have to guess. If you are literate, try reading his website.
Make sure to make your way to my policies. They are ridiculous (in a good way).
Feels like a long shot but 's platform is absolutely amazing: * Supports a #BasicIncome * Wants to repeal the AUMF to return warmaking power to Congress * Wants to make it harder for the president to launch nuclear first-strikes
-ending the forever wars -eradicate the poverty/punishing welfare state via UBI -no corporate ties -100+ policy positions at
Reweet if you think this is a better way to spread positions than a TV mic
We have over 72 policy proposals on our website . But that’s not enough. We will be releasing a new policy every day for the next month starting this week. 👍🇺🇸 Let’s dig in and solve the big problems.
One thing I’m proud of - people have a pretty clear idea of what I’d do as President.
No lobbyists were consulted for our policy platform
Also says that military credentials around equipment operating and other jobs should translate to civilian context. Already in our policy list at 👍🇺🇸
2/ I'm somewhat surprised to realize appears to be way ahead of the vast majority of other candidates in putting out a 2020 platform. I don't think a single other candidate currently has a campaign website with proposals this detailed
In response to some criticism from regarding , I took a look at his positions listed below, and I have to say that there are some really cool ideas here.
In short, Andrew Yang has a mishmash of progressive and libertarian talking points. It's like he's decided to play both sides of the fence - his policies offer nothing unique (Other than universal basic income, but that's probably a...
YANG: ANTI-AMERICAN. In a properly functioning USA, such a policy document would be nothing more than a verbose electoral suicide note. Dip into it for yourself...what a NUTCASE!
There are so many fresh policy ideas on 's website. Check it out: Wouldn't it be great if every candidate provide this level of detail and innovative thinking?