We published lists for BTC and BCH communities and updated ETH list. We also extended the general crypto list to 500 rows. They are live on We spent weeks analyzing these communities. Here are some of the things we learned. Thread 👇
Very unprofessional and divisive marketing. Anyway, go to and follow the primary sources.
We’re changing the name from to ! We're committed to building things useful to the crypto community on daily basis. We refer to this as Phase 2. Blog post: Thread 👇
You generally need a personal connection with a journalist or a paid publicist to have access to TV or print interviews. Ideally journalists would use to algorithmically determine who they should be trying to interview, rather than relying on their rolodex
I did clarify my point after. It was too late. The maxis have banished me forever. My rating is in free fall.
Algorithmic ranking of the loudest voices on Twitter: Great for bootstrapping, and then curate from there!
Very helpful list for those looking to stay informed about Bitcoin! 👇
I thought explaining Twitter to my parents was weird, and then at lunch I tried explaining to Twitter casuals. "What you mean your preferred niche of Twitter dot com doesn't have it's own ranking system?"
@73pooka Well yeah but also ranking
You may want to join for free to see analytics about your crypto twitter. If so pls use this link so they see I referred you and give me access to mine! (you also have to refer 2 people to get full access):
So I know you've all been watching in the numbers, but something terrible has happened. As the result of unfollowing me, I've dropped below in the bitcoin rankings.
new design of the site looks great, but where did the Bitcoin Cash rank go? :o
If I ever break "top 100" for metrics like 's Ethereum category, I'm pretty sure I'll have to quit Twitter. Being public just doesn't scale. Some people are less bad at this than others and I deeply admire them. But I don't want to actually *do* it.
Looks like somehow "Coinflict of Interest" changes the influence scores, I'm curious how. E.g. in my case, I'm surprised I don't have a "bias" for ETH or BCH despite my "influence" in those communities.
This chrome extension is killer!
is one of the only credible lists out there imo
Interesting data insights by on who are the influential people in the crypto community as well as within the bitcoin, ethereum, and bitcoin cash communities. You can subscribe to their newsletter to see how these trends change over time
I hereby approve of 's crypto influencer methodology, as they put me in a high quality neighborhood 😉
Fair, then “BTC-holder” would fit better than “pro-BTC”. For pro-BTC I think an objective measure would be style social graph quantification.
Poe's law will ensure your ranking is obliterated. My plan is working!
part of getting the digest is seeing that i gain and lose the same amount of followers pretty much every day
This list is from - they rank cryoto people on social media like Twitter and other metrics
I love as a filtering tool for crypto twitter. 😂 #xrparmy
Is .eth domain squatting happening yet? One way to do it: Look up top 100 names on and register them all.