To prevent drugs from entering state prisons, the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections banned books. Aside of being a cruel policy, it won’t help. The drugs smuggled are actually medications for addiction treatment that the prisons won’t provide.
On point piece by ⁦⁩ “The issue is not how people are smuggling substances into prisons but why they do it in the first place.” Best way to decrease demand? Offer effective #addiction treatment within correctional facilities.
People in Pennsylvania prisons are smuggling medicine to treat their addictions. How did the DOC respond? They stopped letting friends, families, and volunteer groups send books to people in prison because they argue that books were used to smuggle drugs.
“Without access to effective addiction treatment, which includes med[s] that are not accessible in Pennsylvania prisons, people in addiction turn to drastic measures such as smuggling drugs and risk more years in prison and losing visitation privileges.”