I am pleased to announce that BLUEPRINT: THE EVOLUTIONARY ORIGINS OF A GOOD SOCIETY is being published tomorrow. The product of almost a decade of work, it shows how and why we share #OurCommonHumanity and how we evolved to be good.
BLUEPRINT appears in two months and I want everyone to know that I will get very boring in March and April and tweet about it at lot, because, um, I am excited that this baby is finally seeing the light of day.
Author Nicholas A. Christakis is described as malignant boil festering on the rump of humanity, endlessly spraying diseased pus into the minds of children. All travel privileges of Nicholas A. Christakis to Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea are REVOKED.
New book, "Blueprint: The Evolutionary Origins of a Good Society," by author Nicholas A. Christakis, is blasted as dangerous and demented propaganda, teaching slanderous lies in contraction of Juche Idea of Great Leader Kim Il-Sung.
Great to see argue that human beings have innate proclivities to make a good society. I argued in The Origins of Virtue that it's a mistake to think of bad human behaviour as "animal" and good as a "cultural" override. Kindness is also innate
Ministry of Education purchases one hundred copies of "Blueprint: The Evolutionary Origins of a Good Society," in order that disgusting books may be burned by schoolchildren, in ceremonies of high ideological significance.
Can a book help society be better? You will want to read Blueprint by my friend … I think it will be a sensation. "We are wired for a society, for cooperation, for engagement, for collective action.” Can we achieve that promise?
I cannot recommend too highly the new book by : One of the finest -- and most humane -- minds of our time.
Thanks for having me on the Joe Rogan Experience #1274. I enjoyed our very wide-ranging conversation about the origins of a good society, the workings of our plural democracy, and the combination of fried chicken and waffles. #JRE #BLUEPRINTbook
My book, BLUEPRINT, due March 26, is beginning to assume physical form. It is precious to me. But I am worried about Sauron and Voldemort analogies. #Blueprintbook
I really enjoyed talking to the brilliant today! I'm about to dive into his book, "BLUEPRINT: The Evolutionary Origins Of A Good Society." You can purchase it here
“For too long,the scientific community has been overly focused on the dark side of our biological heritage.The bright side has been denied the attention it deserves.”Until now. ⁦⁩ lights the way in this un-put-downable book. #Blueprint.
People choose spouses and friends whose genomes bear a specified amount of similarity (and contrast) to their own, with loci exhibiting similarity evolving faster.
BLUEPRINT by is a terrific book that is optimistic about the human condition and that explores the evolutionary origins of a good society. It's a joy to read and it highlights ways to make our society better. via
I just ordered the genius ' BLUEPRINT so I can better understand why everyone besides me is so nice.
Limited, custom bookplates for BLUEPRINT: THE EVOLUTIONARY ORIGINS OF A GOOD SOCIETY now available. Email me at [email protected] if you have ordered the book and want one, with a mailing address, before March 26.
Social complexity: If you are looking for an engaging, accessible intro to how genetics, behavior, & social networks interact to produce our social worlds & when this leads to differences vs commonalities, check out exclnt new book, Blueprint
Understanding social networks, degree & strength of connections- and ways to intervene in networks to do good by altering flows, structure or location. #BigDataMed. See his new book for more
I am so excited that over the next two weeks both of my advisors—grad school and postdoc—have amazing books coming out! Congrats and ! : :
Kim Il-Sung Thought scientifically proves that state of human happiness is reached by rigid adherence to Juche. "Blueprint: The Evolutionary Origins of a Good Society," teaches that human goodness and altruism are "natural" in origin. Absolute rubbish.
Need to be reminded of why humans are generally kind and cooperative, and why society tends to be very good for us? This uplifting and elegant book by should go straight to the top of all social science reading lists.
Blurbs for BLUEPRINT are coming in, and I'm happy about the kind comments of & Gunter Wagner -- so far: #BlueprintBook
#TuesdayThoughts - Do genes hold a Blueprint for creating good societies? Congratulations on your new book! Excited that to have some of my work featured, can't wait to read it
Of course, #BLUEPRINTbook also has something to say about all this. ;-)
Really looking forward to appearing on the Experience in March to discuss #blueprintbook See other (cool) guests here: NB
Just 500 custom bookplates for BLUEPRINT: THE EVOLUTIONARY ORIGINS OF A GOOD SOCIETY available. Email [email protected] some evidence of having ordered it, with a mailing address, and I'll mail one (with your proposed inscription) before pub.
Look what I just got in the mail! new #blueprintbook.
Fatherhood done differently, in other cultures: Among Ache of Paraguay, any man having sex with a woman is seen as a father and multiple fathers are ideal. Among Na of the Himalayas, no man is seen as a father. Chapter 5 of #BLUEPRINTbook #FathersDay
Fine essay by on the necessity of a kind of #EvolutionarySociology that is also at the core of #BlueprintBook ()
A ‘Disgusting’ Yale Professor Moves On. Poignant piece about and his new book
More about this experiment involving flies observing each other copulate and developing preferences accordingly here: The evolution of culture in humans and other animals is disscussed in BLUEPRINT #blueprintbook. 2/
Here's why I keep tweeting about 's new book, BLUEPRINT: he puts forth a crucial theory -- based on deep analysis of research *and* his own worldview (which counts) -- that people are essentially decent. We need that reminder. Read this book.
2/ UPDATE: Turns out I'll also have two copies of "Blueprint: The Evolutionary Origins of a Good Society" by to give away to susbcribers
Excited to read this! “Blueprint: The Evolutionary Origins of a Good Society” Nicholas A. Christakis: 9780316230032: Books
Well, I adopted the same metaphor (& it's *just* a metaphor, w different advantages & disadvantages compared to 'recipe,' 'computer program,' etc.). I did add a footnote exploring this metaphor a bit, given critique #BlueprintBook #BEOGS 1/
Here’s my smile for the day 😊 Thank you ! It’s a wonderful book everyone should read:
“The world is better the closer you are to Erika.” ~ is a spectacular and courageous human being, and so is Nicholas. I am grateful they are both in my life.
Get your advance copy of BLUEPRINT: THE EVOLUTIONARY ORIGINS OF A GOOD SOCIETY here, if you wish: 2/
Want to read a book that is expansive in its coverage, thoughtful, and intellectually challenging? May I recommend: Blueprint: The Evolutionary Origins of a Good Society: Nicholas A. Christakis: 9780316230032: Books