Twitter is consulting on new policy to ban use of "dehumanising language".
Sigh. Twitter wants to launch a new policy to try and stop ‘dehumanising’ language. The proposed policy seems too broad. Feedback here, my responses to follow.
Trans fam and allies: Twitter has a new policy where we can report DEHUMANIZING language. Transphobes regularly deploy this against trans people.
Twitter's proposed 'Dehumanization Policy' is a very brave move - it is certain to be a moral and moderation minefield - you can contribute to their consultation here
Here’s the link to the feedback survey: I HAVE OPINIONS ON THIS.
Twitter wants your input on their new restrictive "dangerous speech" policy which prohibits identifying someone by a label relating to their social, gender, or political identity in a derogatory or dehumanizing manner.
Conflicted on whether to register my true thoughts, or let the "kill whitey (but not *that* way, says Ezra Klein)" crowd be hoisted by their own petard, then savor in the "we told you so" moment.
It'll be very interesting to see how Twitter's new policy against dehumanizing language will pan out Will it protect unborn humans? Will it drive TERFs away from the platform?