Siri. Find me a headline that proves we’ve lost it.
Thanks for covering this. It's an issue that's really close to my heart and impacts millions of people across the country.
So BBC will literally report on Meghan closing a car door, but not on Vote Leave’s systemic electoral fraud in the Brexit referendum.
This is an actual news story 😬 Meghan closes a car door - BBC News
She closes this door so well. So confidently and feministly. There is no dithering, no awkwardness and she puts everyone at ease. I have watched it 37 times and it keeps getting better. They should make it into a feature film.
Fuck me. This is a news story.
Jeez!!! Wtf is going on? BBC News - Meghan closes a car door
‘Meghan closes a car door’ - nothing unhealthy or weird about our 21st century obsession with celebrity - this is important stuff.
Abolish the monarchy
2019 in one headline 🤦‍♀️
The most shocking headline of the year!
Meghan closes a car door - BBC News || Is it any wonder that so many people think the Royals are out of touch. People are homeless and dying on our streets and this woman closing a car door makes the news. Unbelievable
1 in 10 British criminal prosecutions are for not paying the compulsory fee that's used to fund reporting like this
Sure glad someone took the time to write this article
She’s not an inbred, so why should her motor planning abilities be impaired?
Most watched on 1. What the royals aren't allowed to do 2. TV Gladiator 'needs two new hips' 3. Seal slaps man with octopus in NZ 4... Meghan closes a car door:
Dear God, how dare she?
BBC News - Meghan closes a car door
And on the BBC website one of the main news items is this one: Meghan Markle closing a car door. National news item, among most read. People can march in the 100,000s and barely get a mention. 5/