Good morning. Only the Truth Can Save Us Now
Please read Ross Douthat here—about what might still save us from creating our own generation-defining Dreyfus Affair.
“I am more convinced than ever that somebody knows something that could prevent this from metastasizing into our era’s Dreyfus Affair — a source of unresolved hatreds for years and decades yet to come.” ~⁦
Ross still wants the Truth, which seems like a pretty basic ask: He also notes, perhaps rightly, that this is "metastasizing into our era’s Dreyfus Affair."
shares your interest for Garrett in his column
Hard to disagree with here
Persuasive case by that there's plenty to investigate in Ford's charge against Kavanaugh. (He doesn't mention who's preventing that investigation.)
We interrupt this stampede to the American Dreyfus Affair for this message: Only the Truth Can Save Us Now
Only the Truth Can Save Us Now
Only the Truth Can Save Us Now
Sensible from conservative Ross Douthat.
Douthat doesn’t establish interesting questions that would prevent this from being America’s Dreyfus affair. Yes, we all have things we might have asked, but yesterday did little more than demonstrate that an angry, sexist, #Kavanaugh is good at white lies