As part of my continual effort to bring as much attention to falling violence in Chicago as we did to rising violence in Chicago: the # of homicides so far in 2019 is back to the level of 2014, which was the city's safest period in the last 3 decades
There is an extraordinary amount of localized violence in the south and west sides of Chicago, much of it preventable by public policy, but the news media mostly ignores it, instead leaping to barely plausible stories to publish for shock value and clicks.
Murders are down in Chicago this year, which was down from the year before.
Murder is down by 24% in Chicago relative to the same period last year. Numbers are only slightly higher than in 2015, the year before the city saw a huge surge of violence.
There is good news out there. Ergo, Chicago --> 32 less murders than this time last year. #chicago
Some said Chicago's 2016 increase in homicide was caused by a Ferguson-effect police retreat. In 2017, Chicago saw 112 fewer homicides than in 2016. So far this year, it’s 123 fewer than in 2017. Did cops resume their 2015 levels of proactive policing?
If the increase was caused by a Ferguson-effect police retreat, do this year's numbers mean that the cops have resumed their 2015 levels of proactive policing?